All About Tom Selleck’s Daughter – Hannah Margaret Selleck (Bio, Facts, Family)

Hannah Margaret Selleck
Date of Birth Dec 16, 1988
Nationality American
Profession Horse Rider, Model
Height 5.8 Inches
Weight 65 Kgs
Famous As Tom Selleck’s Daughter


Hannah Margaret Selleck is a famous American actor Tom Selleck’s daughter. Most celebrities kids follow their parents path for successful life.

But there is sill some celebrity kids who always want to live far from media spotlight. Hannah Margaret Selleck is also this type of celebrity kid who always wants to remain far from public eye.

By now Hannah Margaret Selleck is a famous horse rider, and made a quite famous name in horse racing.

Who is Tom Selleck’s daughter?

Hannah Margaret Selleck is a only one daughter of Tom Selleck. She was born in December 16, 1988 and she was born in Los Angeles, California.

Her mother name is Jillie Mack and she also have a brother whose name is Kevin Selleck.

The parents of Hannah always wanted to make their children life normal and spent their childhood in a same way as a other normal kids.

She learned how to ride a horse in her early age, by her training and experience from early age now she became a professional horse rider.

She attended a high school in Los Angeles, completing her education over there she started to read on Loyola Marymount University. And finally Hannah got graduated in 2011 finishing her study in bachelor’s degree in communication.

From various sources it is found that she is very active on her school days and she played soccer, did gymnastics as well as she also took a ice skating classes.

Hannah Margaret Selleck Career

Tom Selleck Daughters

Hannah is not a actress and she had not played any movie till now. She has developed a different passion of interest on her life and by now her profession is horse riding.

She started to learn about horse riding from the age of ten when she was in a junior high school.

As she grow, she also get participated on some horse riding competitions as well. When she was just 16 years old, she has won the Silver Team Medal at Prix States championship in 2005.

Tom Selleck’s daughter Hannah Selleck has also participated on other horse riding race game. In 2010, she also got featured in the Blenhiem Summer Classic II Grand Prix and Silver Prix.

She has also completed Gucci Masters tournament in 2011 and when she played in 2015, she did won some medals as well.

Awards and Nominations

    • In 2005, she won silver medal at Prix de Championship
    • In 2006, she won Silver Medal Team at Equitation Championship
    • Some medals at Blenheim Summer Classic II Grand Prix and Silver Prix

Is Hannah Margaret Selleck married?

Hannah loves to live a private life, so there is no any detailed information has ever been publish about her relationship.

Although, her martial  single by now and we don’t have any information about her marriage life. Anyway, some rumor has spread saying that she has been dating with Beto Gutierrez.

In 2018, she shared a photo with her friend Beto Gutierrez. Where she also wrote ‘Bae’ in a caption, which made many people to think if they were on relationship.

Net Worth & Salary

Hannah is the only daughter of Tom Selleck who is also a multi-millionaire. There is no any exact information has revealed about her net worth as well as about her salary in detail.

But the horse racing is very expensive and luxurious game among the riches. So, it’s pretty sure that she had made a decent amount of money from it.

She also got a 9th position on a horse racing match which was held at Angelstone, where she take a pool prize of $100,000.

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