Who Are Halsey’s Parents? Truth About Their Past Life


Halsey is a famous American Singer and song writer. Her full name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, and her first album is Badlands.

She is very frank and she never afraid to take about her past life, her thoughts and her plans. She is a college dropout who turned into very successful singer and everybody knows her name in music industry.

Halsey was born in New Jersey and her father name is Chris Frangipane and her mother name is Nicole Frangipane. She was born when her parents were studying on college. Her father works as a car dealer and her mother as a Emergency Medical Technician.

Today, we will learn about Halsey Parents in detail.

Moving Cities to Cities


Halsey was born in a 1994 and her birthplace is Edison, New Jersey, USA. She gained her fame from self released music on her social media profile which quickly gain public attention.

Halsey is a biracial and she also published a tweet, where is state that her father is black and her mother is Irish, Italian as well as Hungarian.

She was raised with her two brothers whose name is Dante Frangipane and Sevian Frangipane.

Halsey parents were on college when she was about to born, due to their young age and money problem. This couple drop out from the college and started to search for a job for sustaining their life.

The time was very hard for Chris and Nicole, since they were under graduated and also going to be a mother. Her family were lived in a very miserable condition when she was kid.

On a interview with Rolling Stone, she said, “I grew up in a really chaotic household, There was always shit being thrown.”

Travelling from cities to cities on search of jobs, she had to enrolled on many schools resulting less close friends of Halsey. As per report, she had attended about six school before she turn on her teen age.

Halsey also told Billboard that, “I used to pack up the stuffs and leave, which made me a digestible version because my friends on school or on my area don’t have a time to know me.”

They don’t have a lots of money resulting moving from place to place and cities to cities, until they finally bought their first house at cheap price in 2015.

Kicked out from House

On her teenage days, it was quite tough and when she was 17, she also tried to commit suicide by overdosing drugs. Later, she told that she regretted to this decision as she told about this to her parents.

She was also hospitalized for about two weeks at psychiatric hospital, where she also find out that she is a bipolar. Later, she also knew that her mom Nicole was also struggling from the same condition.

Halsey was interested on arts, and she also enrolled from Rhode Island School of Design. But she found that she cannot afford her complete study finance and her only way was to join community college.

She was also kicked out from her house and she was forced to live with her friends, homeless shelters and sometimes on her maternal grandmother.

Anyway, Halsey shared that she had a great relationship with her parents, even there was a lots of ups and downs on her family life.

Halsey also appeared with her parents sometimes on awards shows and events. Chris and Halsey also visited on 2017 Grammy Awards.

About Mom Nicole

Nicole is a coolest mom as per Halsey and they had a good relationship with each other as well.

In a interview with iHeartRadio, Halsey said that, “Her tongue is pierced, she is super cool and really beautiful. And she also had a tattoo when she was growing up.”

Nicole took Halsey for getting a first tattoo on her body, when she was 15 years old. They also had a matching tattoo on her and her mother body.

Supporting on her Music Career

Halsey dad and her mom taste of music was very different which made her to learn more about music. Chris was a massive fan of Hip-Hop where her mom was heavily into alt-rock.

Her mother Nicole, encouraged Halsey on her music career and Nicole also managed her a second hand guitar convincing her husband Chris.

Kicking her out from house when she was just on her teenage, still Halsey love her parents very much and now they had a very good relationship.

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