Where is Beau Biden’s Wife Hallie Olivere Now?

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The 2020 US elections were a weird one. While the main focus was definitely on Trump and Joe Biden, another member of the Biden family was also scrutinized quite closely. Hunter Biden, who is the son of the new President of the USA Joe Biden had his personal life scrutinized by the media and it was chaos. The controversies that surrounded Hunter, who is a lawyer, made major news all over the world. The controversy was quite incredible and the Biden family maintained quite a distance from the media as well. But what exactly happened? Let us find out.

Hunter Biden married his Brother’s Wife

Hallie Olivere is the widowed wife of Hunter’s brother Beau Biden. Beau died in the year 2015. He was married to Hallie for 12 years before he died of brain cancer. After the death of his brother Beau, Hunter got into a relationship with Hallie and this was a subject of controversy for many.

The news was officially confirmed just one year after Beau’s death. And who confirmed it? The then-president-elect Joe Biden, of course. He took it to Twitter to say that the Biden family felt quite happy to have Hunter be in a relationship with Hally. The two got each other after much sadness. Hunter also said that the two had his full and complete support and they are happy with each other.

Why was the controversy so huge?

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You might be wondering what is wrong with marrying a widow, right? Well, the real controversy here is that Hunter left his wife Kathleen to get into a relationship with Hallie. It is messed up, isn’t it?

Kathleen, who is also a lawyer was married to Hunter from 1993 to 2017. They have three daughters together named Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy. After Kathleen found about Hunter’s relation with Hallie, the two got a divorce.

Hunter on the other hand hasn’t really owned up to his mistake. He still says that he found support and love in Hallie after his brother passed away and this was why the two are so happy with each other.

Hallie has kept a low profile

After getting in a relationship with Joe Biden’s son Hunter, Hallie was kept out of the media. She has been spotted here and there but for the most part, she has managed to keep an extremely low profile.

In terms of Social Media, we cannot find her anywhere. Her public life is not tracked by anyone because of this. The last time we heard about Hallie, she had moved to Annapolis. This news came from The New Yorker.

There was another thing that got media attention though. The Key School filed a lawsuit against Hallie for not paying tuition got her children who are enrolled in the school for the 7th and 8th grades.

Hunter’s other Controversies

Hunter and Kathleen separated in the October of 2015. Just 5 months after Beau’s death. The divorce got finalized in 2017. After that, the two have not really talked to each other.

Hunter also has other controversies like extravagant spending, partying, and the use of substances to have fun. He is also known to be involved in strip clubs and for having relationships with many people.

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