Who is Hafthor Bjornsson’s Wife, Kelsey Henson?

Hafthor wife Kelsey Henson

Hafthor Julius Bjornsson is one of the strongest man in Iceland and also one of the famous actor, his role in HBO’s Game of Thrones as a Gregor ‘The Mountain’ Clegane made him world wide famous as well.

Bjornsson is not just a strong man in Iceland but he is also first person to win as a strongest man on Europe, World’s Strongest man and Arnold Strongman champion.

Bjornsson is not just a strong man but he used to be an active basketball player but due to his ankle injury he needed to quit this game and focus more on other activities to build his career. In 2008 he fully quit basketball and started to pursue his dream on strongman line.

By now this guy is one of the famous name on strongest man title and he has also won many titles as well as awards on this field, you can also call him real life Hulk.

Today, we are going to know about this Hulk love life in detail with Kelsey Henson, who looks very tiny in front of him.

Kelsey and Hafthor first meet at a restaurant

Kelsey and Hafthor first met at a restaurant located in Alberta, Canada. Henson was born in 1990 and her birthplace was in Canada, she completed her education from Occupational Health and Safety at the University of Alberta. As soon as her education was finished she worked as a waitress and construction safety officer for a while.

Their met was on a restaurant when Hafthor was in Canada for strongest man competition work and on his free time when visit nearby restaurant Kelsey recognize him because she was a big fan of Game of Thrones.

She also asked him to take a picture with her from this time the couple has been living together happily. Their first meeting was in 2017 at Earls Kitchen & Bar.

Their size is vast different where Hafthor is around 6 feet 9 inches with 200 kg and on the other side his wife Kelsey is about 5 feet and 2 inches with 53 kg weighs. That is Bjornsson is about 4 times heavier than his wife wow! this is big difference.


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Once in their Instagram profile Hafthor fan asked, “how do you guys kiss since there is a huge gap in your height?” and this is also the question comes in our mind, Kelsey responded, “He blends and I tip toe or he lifts me up!”

As soon as this couple met she left her job as a waitress in the restaurant and started to travel with this real life hulk to pursue his dream.

Married in 2018

They met in September 2017 and get married by 2018, this couple announced that they tied knot in August 2018.

There are lots of pictures of this couple on their Instagram profile, they also posted anniversary photo in August 2019.


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Where is also stated a thanks for everyone who helps and were on their ups and down journey in the life and she also thanked her partner more than anyone for his support. From the caption we can also see that this guy has motivated his wife a lot to pursue her dream and career as well.

Running a gym together

Thor’s Power Gym is one of the famous gym in Iceland, being run by one of the world strongest man this gym is very popular many fans of him also visited in this gym center. Now Kelsey is busy running her gym center along with her hulk.

Kelsey and Hafthor welcomed their first baby

In September 2020 it was announced that they are having a baby and Hafthor also give a detail about his baby and also stated that it is a boy, later in 11 A.M. this couple welcomed their baby in the world. Through Hafthor official Instagram account, he also praised Kelsey for her bravery throughout the baby born process.

And in Kelsey personal Instagram account she also announced that giving birth is one of her most powerful, life changing and best thing she has ever done. They has not shared the baby name till now but Hafthor has promised that he will share baby name very soon.

For more update about the Kelsey and Hafthor baby you can also follow their Instagram account.

This couple love each other very much and they also shares their baby as well as each other posts on Instagram frequently. Also, remember this is Kelsey first baby but this is Hafthor second child since he already has a daughter from his past relation with Thelma Stiemann and his daughter name is Theresa Lif.

Kelsey Henson Is a Fitness Freak


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If you checkout her Instagram profile than you will see her profile is filled with fitness posts and guides as well, she is also sponsored by many fitness brands who also advertise their products via her official Instagram profile.

She has about more than 400K followers in her Instagram where she frequently shares photos about her fitness.

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