Who is American sportscaster, Greg Amsinger?

greg amsinger

Greg Amsinger is a pretty successful American sports broadcaster and a  TV host. Right now, He works as the studio host for the MLB Network. And because of this job, he has been a part of multiple shows like MLB Tonight, Crystal Ball, and many others.

In addition to his professional life, Greg has a personal life that has attracted much attention from many people. So, what is his personal life like? Is he married? How has his career been like? Today, we are going to answer all of these questions so, let us get started.

Who Is Greg Amsinger?

We have mentioned it, Greg Amsinger is an American sportscaster. He is with the MLB network right now. Greg was born in the year 1979 in St Louis, Missouri. His birthdate is the 24th of May and currently, he is 42 years old.

Greg Amsinger was born in a middle-class family and he comes from humble beginnings. He spent most of his childhood with his parents and siblings. He grew up in Missouri and has six siblings in total: 5 brothers and a sister. He hasn’t really made much about his family members public though.

If we are talking about Nationality, Greg is an American who is White. He is also an educated person. Greg finished his graduation from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Montana.

Greg Amsinger’s initial job at CBS College Sports

Amsinger is a well-established Sportscaster at MLB right now. But he actually started his career with CBS. He was the host for the CBS College Sports Network. He was at CBS for a  year and during this time he hosted shows such as Crystal Ball, The #1 College Sports Show, Inside College Football, Generation Next, and NCAA March Madness Highlights just to name a few of them.

In the year 2006, Greg became the host of SEC preview with Gary Danielson as well as Brian Jones. After a year, he co-hosted the World Series of Video Games. He did it with Susie Castillo who is a former MTV host. Greg also hosted the Tour de France that year for CBS.

Amsinger’s MLB Network Career

greg amsinger at MLB tonight

After his career with CBS ended, Greg joined the MBL in 2009. Right now, he is one of the most established hosts with this network and is very actively involved with the network. He is a studio host for the MLB Network and his most famous show is the show named MLB Tonight.

Amsinger hosted this show for 3 years and it has a total of 14 episodes so far. MLB tonight is an Emmy-winning flagship show. Greg also had another show where he covered the MLB Draft and the All-Star MLB game as well as World Series.

Greg Amsinger’s Family

Greg is a married man with a very good relationship with his spouse. He is married to Erica Amsinger. The pair have been married for a while. Greg is quite a private person though and he hasn’t really said anything about his Wedding. It is unclear when Greg married his spouse.

Besides his relationship, Greg is also a father of children. He has a son and a daughter. The relationship he has with both of his kids is also quite good. They live a healthy life in the city of New York. Greg has a good family and a sound home and he is enjoying his life right now.

How Much Is Greg’s Net Worth?

Greg’s contract with MLB is substantial. It has made him a lot of money. He makes around $120K a year from his salary alone. Add to that, he also has sponsors and brands to fall back on. So, his net worth is quite good. A play-by-play commentator can also charge around $60K a year and Greg does this job as well. He has gotten rich off of MLB. We don’t really know the exact extent of his net worth.

Social Media

Greg is quite active on many social media platforms. He is not on Instagram though, he doesn’t really upload that many pictures so, he is not on this platform. His platform of choice is Twitter. As of 2021, he has gotten an increase in the number of followers on Twitter. His Twitter handle is @GAmsingerjinx. You can go follow him on Twitter to read his tweets. Most of his tweets are sports-related.

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