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grayson chrisley

Grayson Chrisley is a TV star who has grown up in the show called Chrisley Knows Best. He is the youngest of the Chrisley kids. Grayson is probably the most spoiled person in the Chrisley household because of his charm. The youngest people in a family can generally get away with almost everything.

Grayson Got his first Phone at the age of four

Today’s generation is quite addicted to technology and this has to do with the access that they have got. Grayson got his first iPhone at the age of just four. And he has unlimited access to money via his mother’s credit card. So, you can now see how spoiled he actually is. But the parents say that Grayson is a good kid who wouldn’t misuse the money.

While Grayson is most famous for being on the reality show Chrisley Knows Best, he is a self star as well. He has made many appearances in other reality shows and is a household name for many people that enjoy these shows.

Grayson Chrisley’s Social Media Presence


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Grayson was born in 2006 so, he is around 15 years old now. He has got his acting career sorted but apart from that, he is just another teenager who wants to make it big in social media. He recently joined social media again after a long break. His first stint was in 2016 when he was just 10. Now, at 15, he has a really good presence on Social Media platforms. Previously, his dad used to run his social media but now he has cleared it up. On Instagram, he said that he will be the one to post everything in the future.

What are the Social Media Posts about?

Most of Grayson’s earlier posts in 2016 were just generic photos of himself, different locations, and things he owns. But after 4 years, Grayson posted a pic of him playing baseball. The account is now run mostly by Grayson himself and he posts a lot of content there. He basically shows his lavish lifestyle and it seems like becoming an Instagram Influencer is on his bucket list.

Grayson Chrisley’s relation with Savannah Chrisley

If you have seen the Chrisley Knows Best show, you know how famous that show is for all the drama. And this can be said for the drama that they so artificially create in the show as well. At any time, at least one member seems to be off in the family but that is reality TV. Are the Chrisley’s like that in real life? Not really.

In fact, the members of the family behave as a family should when the cameras stop rolling. The relation between the siblings is in fact good. They have a nice bond with each other. And you can see that with Grayson and Savannah’s interaction on their Instagram accounts too.

In the year 2016, Grayson posted a pic of her sister with a really nice caption. He said that he loves her and that he is glad to have a sister like that.  A few months later, Grayson again posted a picture of Savannah on Instagram and even promoted her makeup line through the post.

The two siblings have a gap of 9 years between them but they do have some resemblance to each other. Savannah even made a joke that the two were like twins with a post on Instagram.

Is Grayson Chrisley spoiled by his family?


It does seem like that. As he is the youngest person in the family, he gets more attention from not only his parents but from his older siblings and cousins as well. While he still gets into trouble every now and then, most of the time he gets away. Having said that, his parents aren’t afraid to discipline him when needed though. Often with younger kids, making them disciplined is quite important.

Even in the show, Grayson gets into trouble after he sneaks out from the house to attend a party. The parents found out and they were furious. Even Todd was pretty mad at his son and the parents grounded him. This led Grayson’s brother Chase to reveal some of the things he did when he was a teenager. This included things such as stealing his dad’s car keys and then taking the help of Savannah to sneak out.

Todd even admitted in an interview that Grayson has been a better kid than his siblings. He thinks that his youngest son is quite good and he does not get into as much trouble as his sister and brother did.

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