Who is Gracie Hunt? About Chiefs’ owner’s daughter

Gracie Hunt is one such individual who despite being the daughter of a billionaire, has made a name for herself. She is a former pageant winner from Dallas Texas as well as a model, philanthropist, and entrepreneur.

You must have heard about the Kansas City Chiefs Owner namely Clark Hunt and his wife Tavia Shackles. They are the parents of Gracie along with two siblings. She is the eldest daughter and originally she had a different career before gaining ground as a beauty influencer and activist.

There is soo much more to her life than what we see from the outside. So, let’s get to know some about her personal life, the legacy of her lineage, career, and many more.

Who is Gracie Hunt?

Gracie Hunt was born on 29th March 1999 in Dallas, Texas. She will be turning 23 years old after a couple of days. Currently, she is pursuing her master’s degree in sports management at the University of Kansas and hopes to become the first female NFL commissioner.

Talking about her family background, her grandfather Lamar Hunt who is the husband of Norma Hunt was to only the founder of the Kansas City Chiefs but also the founder of the American Football League (AFL).

After 10 years of establishment, the AFL was merged with the National Football League in 1970. Similarly, her great-great-paternal grandfather namely Haroldson Lafayette Hunt was a prosperous farmer-entrepreneur.

H.L. Hunt who was her great-grandfather was actually the one to cement the family’s empire. Firstly, he purchased several lands across the country then one of the Texas parcels of land Gracie’s great-grandfather in 1930 happened to sit atop a massive oil field. 

Gracie’s grandparents including the famous Lunar Hunt and his siblings had made it into the 1982 Forbes 400 list of the richest Americans by the 80s.  Her mother Tavia also went on to win the Miss Kansas and get a place as the second runner-up at the Miss USA pageant.

Her appearance and body measurements

Talking about her appearance, she is very beautiful and a lot of people adore her. She has a pair of light grey eyes and blonde hair. She has worked extra hard to maintain her body in shape. So, she had a very fit and curvy body.

She is 5ft 8 inches (172 cm) tall and she weighs about 55 kg (121 lbs). Her body measurements are 34-26-35 inches. Furthermore, she wears a shoe size 7 US and her bra size is 33 C.

The Pageant Winner wanted to be a soccer player

Like her mother, Gracie clinched the crown of Miss Kansas USA 2021 in April. Hr mother Tavia Hunt had won the same title back in 1993 when she was 22 years old which is about 28 years before.

Gracie had hired walking coach Kristen Brandford and spent one to two hours training with her every week for months during her Miss Kansas journey. Besides that she also worked with six different interview coaches to be able to best field questions during the competition.

One could say she had put in a lot of time and effort to win the competition. Her mother along with the Chief’s fan watched her first pageant program when she was 17 years old. Similarly, she also took part in Miss USA 2021 and was placed in the Top 16.

Later, she revealed that even though she competed on several pageantry events it wasn’t what she had dreamt of. She was one of the best soccer players in her high school and she had hoped to play at college at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Texas.

She said, “Soccer was my first love. I wanted to play in college. I won the championship when I was in high school with my high school team, and played club, as well.”

So, her first career choice was indeed soccer but unfortunately, she had to give up on her dreams after suffering concussions.

Current relationship status

Around the time when the Chiefs were heading into the playoffs with some serious momentum in January 2022, Gracie was giving the tabloids to write something about her personal life by creating her story.

She was seen having a date in Kansas City with Bachelor Nation’s Tyler Cameron by several sources that month. However, both of them haven’t addressed the rumors. Later when she was asked if she had a boyfriend, she responded by posting on her Insta stories.

She wrote, “I don’t and haven’t for a long time and I’, not dating.”  Additionally, she also said that being the best was what she was focusing on instead and she will not take any boyfriend application until she achieves some of her goals.

It is also reported that she had dated Broncos rookie quarterback and Kansas City native namely Drew Lock in the past. Unfortunately, she had been a victim of stalking for 21 months from late 2019 to 2021 as she shared through her social media.

Breaking Barriers Through Sports

Gracie believes that giving back to the community, just like her mother.  So, she became the founder of a non-profit organization Breaking Barriers Through Sports.

The organization focuses on building children’s confidence and a “positive identity through sports”. Talking about her organization, she said, “Sports have broken barriers in my own life and given me a sense of identity and confidence. I grew up playing soccer and experienced firsthand how sports bring people together to work towards achieving a common goal.”

Furthermore, this organization works with schools to reach kids from various economic backgrounds and it has a partnership with NFL Play 60. It also aims to level the playing field for women, the disadvantaged, and those with disabilities.

Additionally, it collaborates with the Special Olympics on a Special Olympics flag football Super Bowl and brings people together of every age and gender to play sports.

Living with celiac disease

Before she earned fame as a beauty pageant, she had started using her voice to be an advocate for health and fitness. She has revealed that it was something personal as she had lived with celiac disease her entire life.

Gracie had been through ER several times, been on morphine, and has always been super sensitive to gluten. Later, she also gained accreditation in nutrition because her illness is related to dietary choices.

Her presence on social media

Gracie is quite active on social media as she regularly documents her fitness routines and vegan diet tips. She also lists the many benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Gracie also has a company in the health and fitness space. she entered the fitness routines the year after she won the Miss Kansas title with a great affinity for athletics and its positive effects on life.

She has a total of over 1.2 million followers across all her social media handles. She has said that she still trains hard and is an athlete by heart who loves to run, cross-train, lift weights. Additionally, she is also the friend of the wife of Chief’s quarterback Patrick Mahomes called Brittany Mathews.

She has also had an offer to participate in various reality television shows. And along with her mother, she also hosts the Style Lounge event in Kansas City. It is a fashion show fundraiser to raise money for Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault.

You can click the link below to visit her respective social media handles.

Instagram: @graciehunt

Twitter: @gracelynhunt

Facebook: Gracie Hunt

Net Worth

As we already know her father is a famous billionaire and it would certainly be a massive overstatement to go and speculate Gracie is anywhere near as rich as him.

Furthermore, she works in marketing and brand development for the Kansas City Chiefs. Even though she has lots of followers and is well on the verge of a financial breakthrough with her ventures, she is yet to cross the ten million mark.

It is estimated that her net worth is around USD 3 million. She is able to earn such a large sum of money mostly through social media, modeling, and advertisement.

But she won’t have to ever think about money as she is born into a super-rich family. She must be living quite a lavish and comfortable life as she can have whatever she wants with the money.

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