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Gohan vs Goten, Who is Strongest?



Gohan vs Goten

Goten and Gohan are two of the most powerful characters in all of Dragon Ball Z. They have trained hard, both inside and outside of the ring, to become the best fighters that they can be. The question remains: Who is stronger between Goten and Gohan?

Some people think that Gohan is stronger than Goten. They point to the fact that he was able to defeat Cell, whereas Goten had no problem at all with him. This may be true – but remember: Gohan did not have any experience in fighting before he fought against Cell! He just got really lucky and ended up pulling out a win because of his determination (and some help from Goku). Let us now find out who the best fighter is between the two.

Who is Stronger? Gohan or Gotens?

Power Level

If we judge it by Power level, Gohan wipes the floor with Gotenks. Gohan’s Power level is one million. Goten’s Power level is 500,000. Gohan is twice as powerful as Gotens in terms of Raw Strength.

Fighting Skills

Power levels are still only part of the equation when determining who is stronger between Goten and Gohan. It is also important to look at skills! In this case, we have two fighters with equal skills (at least for now) but different skill sets: One has been training his whole life while the other has not even known about fighting until recently. Who would you think will be able to defend themselves better? Clearly it should be Goten – he was trained by Goku himself. In addition, even Gohan helped him to train. So, this should show anyone where they need to put their money on!

Experience and Focus

Gotens is a child character so, he is a bit over-confident. Gohan is composed and he was taught by Piccolo so, he is more focused on his fights. He uses his brains better and has a more control of the fight.

Power Ups

Gotens has better Power Ups. He can power up to Super Saiyan and since he is a child character, his power ups gets him that extra boost. Gohan can power up to Super Saiyan. And Gotens’ super saiyan beats him. But Gohan still has that “Unlocked Potential” power up. Sadly, this power up has not been tested so, we don’t know its full power. This is why we have to give it up for Gotens on this one.


Gotens has a lot of catching up to do before he reaches Gohan’s level. Gohan is miles more powerful, experienced and composed fighter so, In a fight, Gohan would definitely win. But we could be wrong too! Goten can have incredible power surges and he has a long way to go. Perhaps he will reach Super Saiyan 3 in no time!

Anyway, What are your thoughts on this debate? Do you agree with one side more than another? Share your thoughts below! We will be more than happy to hear what you have to say about the power levels on both of these characters.

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