Who was Glen de Vries’ wife, Maria Bucheimer?

Glen de Vries’ wife Maria Bucheimer

Glen de Vries who recently went to space with Jeff Bezos has died after a fatal plane crash on 11th November 2021 inNew Jersey. He was an American businessman and entrepreneur as well as a space tourist who was the co-founder and former co-CEO of Medidata Solutions.

The four-seat airplane mostly used for training and recreational flights went down in a wooden area in Hampton Township, 40 miles northwest of New York, according to the New Jersey State Police.

Even though he survived a  ride to space with Jeff Bezos and others in Blue Origin’s New Shephard, but unfortunately, he lost his life in a tragic plane crash less than a month later.

After he passed away many people are curious to know about his wife and love life. So,  in this article, you will find everything you need to know about his wife and love life and who was beside him during his final days.

Who was his wife?

It is revealed that he was married to his wife Maria Bucheimer. They had met each other for the first time at a local bar where Maria worked and Glen was the regular customer. Even though not much is known about their relationship it has been revealed that they had decided to walk down the aisle in 2011.

The couple has kept their marriage relationship under the wraps from media and the Internet so it’s difficult to obtain any info about their relationship.

Maria has only opened up to the media about her husband and said, “I would just say that Glen was an amazing man, larger than life. He always seemed like a superhero to me, so smart, so talented, generous, and really funny. A huge light has gone out in the world.”

Current partner

Glen de Vries was said to be dating his partner Leah before his death while the news about Glen’s death was reported on 12th November 2021.

Jeff Bezos also mentioned his partner Leah in a tribute on Instagram as he had captioned, “Such a tragic loss. Warm and full of life, Glen made us laugh and lit up the room. He was a visionary, and an innovator – a true leader. Lauren and I are heartbroken and will remember the precious time we got to spend together. Our deepest sympathies are with his partner, Leah, and all his loved ones. The world lost you too soon, Glen.” You can watch the post down below.

Similarly, Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend Lauren Sanchez also mentioned his partner in a tribute of her own on her Instagram as she had captioned “Such a painful loss today. We got to know Glen de Vries, an incredible man, and his partner Leah last month. Leah’s love for Glen was visible every time we saw them together. When he took off for space she gripped my hand so tight it hurt. Thinking of that moment today with a broken heart. Our deepest sympathies go out to Leah and Glen’s family, we are so saddened by the tragic news.” You can watch the post done below.

Glen de Vries’ Net Worth and his social media handles

It is revealed that his net worth is a whopping USD 900 million. He was super rich and was able to earn such a large sum of money as the co-founder of Medidata solutions which is one of the largest independent software companies in New York. His company Medidata was also ranked number 11 on Fortune magazine’s Future 50 list and number 51 in Fortune Fastest growing companies in 2017.

He was quite active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. On his Instagram account, he has uploaded 128 posts and has over 2.1 K followers. He has over 4.5 K followers on his Twitter account. You can click the link below to go to his social media handles.

Instagram: @captainclinical

Twitter: @CaptainClinical

Condolences to Glen de Vries’s family

Fans from all over the world are shocked and devastated about his death and they have taken to multiple social media platforms especially Twitter to express their condolences to his family.

One fan tweeted, “Condolences to Glen de Vries’s family”. Another fan expressed that he will miss him dearly as he tweeted, “I am saddened to learn of the passing of fellow space explorer Glen de Vries. I take some small consolation in knowing he fulfilled his life-long dream and lived his life to the fullest. My thoughts go out to his family, friends, and partner Leah. Glen will be dearly missed.”

Some fans felt heartbroken and tweeted, “Shocking. Heartbreaking.” and one wrote,”@WilliamShatner I am so sorry to hear the news about Glen de Vries. My condolences to you and his family.”

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