About Matt Gaetz’ Love Life and Fiancée Ginger Luckey

Matt Gaetz

Matthew Gaetz is an American lawyer as well as a politician. He has served as the US representative for Florida’s first congressional district since 2017. He is a republican and he became one of the most loyal friends of Donald Trump. Today, we are going to be taking a look at some top facts about Matthew and even introduce her fiancée Ginger Lucky.

Childhood in Florida

Matthew Gaetz was born in the year 1982 on May 7 in Hollywood Florida. His father was a local politician, Don Gaetz. And his mother was Victoria. Gaetz grew up near fort Walton Beach and he graduated from Niceville High School in the year 2000.

He then went to Florida State University in 2003 with a Bachelors of Science degree in interdisciplinary sciences and then from the William and Mary Law school in 2007. He became a Juris Doctor from the law school and was admitted to Florida Bar in 2008.

Third Generation American

He is a third generation American. His great grandparents came to the United states in the 1850s from Beilstein, Persia. Gaetz is actually named after his great grandfather Matthias Louis Gaetz.

Political Family

Gaetz’s father, in addition to being a local politician, was actually a member of Flordia State Senate from 2006 to 2016 and he even became a senate president for a while. Gaetz’s grandfather was Stanley Gaetz who is the Mayor of Rugby, North Dakota. He is also a candidate for lieutenant governor of North Dakota in 1964. The whole Gaetz’s family, it seems, have been in the Political career.

Aside his Political career, Gaetz also worked at a Law Firm named Anchors and Gordon in Fort Walton Beach.

Matthew’s Recent Controversy

In March of 2021, various news publications such as The New York Times did a report that named three sources who had revealed that the Department of Justice was actually doing an investigation on Gaetz. He apparently had sexual relationship with a 17-year old girl in the year 2019. He might have even violated the sex trafficking law by paying her to leve the state.

This investigation was started by William Barr who is the Attorney General. The story leaked out to local news outlets. And almost all of them reported that Gaetz was set to leave congress because of this fiasco.

CNN even did a report where they said that the investigators examined Gaetz funds and concluded that he used his campaign money to fund the young lady’s escape. This can be a serious crime but as of now, nothing is really certain.

About Matt’s Fiance Ginger Lucky

Ginger Luckey with Matt

Matt Gaetz, the Florida congressman currently under investigation for sex offense, is actually an engaged man. He is engaged to the 26 year old Ginger Lucky who is an analyst based in California.

Gaetz have denied the allegations put forward for him and he met Lucky in march of 2020 at a fundraiser event at the house of President Trump’s resort in Palm Beach.

Lucky was taken to this event by her mother. After about nine months of dating, She got engaged to Matt and they are actually going to get married pretty soon now.

Ginger Lucky’s Schooling

Lucky attended the University of California, Santa Barbara. We found this information on her LinkedIn Page. He is currently doing an online business program in Harvard. Her major is in economics as well as accounting.

Ginger’s Billionaire Brother

Her brother is Palmer Lucky who is a famous entrepreneur. Palmer sold his company Oculus VR to Facebook for more than $2 billion in 2014. Palmer is a self identified libertarian and he is 28 years old. He supports Trump and even held fundraisers and donated significant amount to the republican party if the sources are true.

Ginger’s Work as a Food Analyst

Luckey also works remotely as a food analyst in California. She worked from home during the pandemic and she got to travel extensively with her future husband. She admitted to being a travel buddy for him.

Matt Gaetz’s Net Worth

It is a very tricky question to answer. Matt Gaetz has a personal net worth that exceeds $500K but we don’t know much about it. We don’t really have an accurate estimation of what his actual net worth is.

Fortune of the Gaetz Family

On the other hand, The Gaetz family has a tremendous fortune. They are worth more than $15 million dollars. The source of the income is their generational wealth, land, houses and investments. As there were three generations of politicians in the family, all of them were really well versed in Money management. So, they made a fortune over the years.

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