All About Vanna White Ex-Husband – George Santo Pietro (Biography, Net Worth)

George Santo Pietro
Date of Birth Dec 12, 1946
Profession Businessman
Ex-Wife Vanna White
Net Worth  $15 Million


George Santo Pietro is a very famous American real estate personality, who is also a film director and a hotelier. He has directed and worked in many films and owns hotels.

Who is George Santo Pietro?

George was born in California. He was born on December 12th 1946. This makes his 72 years old. George is involved in producing many TV shows such as LA Doctors, True Blood, Buffy the Vampire Slayers, Pushing Daisies and more.

He is also popular because of his public exposure. George married Vanna White, a TV Personality as well as a restauranteur. George is half white and half native American.

George grew up in California, He was actually raised in Beverly Hills. George is a Sagittarius. Ever since a child, George was an energetic, curious and open minded person.


Back in the 1980s, George was the owner of a popular Italian restaurant. The restaurant was located in Bel-Air, California. It was close to a strip mall in Mulholland Drive. George had a regular influx of client to his Restaurant. Most of them were Hollywood stars.

He also opened another restaurant later that was famous as it served sushi. The restaurant was located in the Shushi-Ko complex. He ran these hotels for a decade and they were popular for having great service. He also had exclusive clients and that helped him too.

Aside from having his hand in the hospitality business, Santo also produced and acted. In 1985, he appeared in the movie Prizzi’s Honor and played the role of a plumber beside Katheleen Turner and Jack Nicholson. He was also in the Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love.

This show aired in 1994. And it starred Brian Tochi and Robert Picardo. In addition, he also contributed to the production of other films such as L.A Doctors, True Blood and more.

There was a TV series based on Beverly Hills in 1990. George worked for this show as well. He produced a total of 17 episodes on the series. He had over 70 electrical and camera department credits.

Other films Santos has worked on includes Muppets most wanted, The Good Place and The Big Bang Theory. He has even worked with Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half men. He always wanted to work in Hollywood so, he has worked as a director and a producer. 

George Santo Pietro Net Worth

Right now, George is 72 years old. And he has managed to earn a lot of money from his hotels and real estate work.

He has a house in Beverly Hills which was valued around $50 million. He sold this villa and built another house in 30,000 square feet land with 15 bathrooms, nine bedrooms and other luxuries such as a screening room, large pool, wine cellar and more.

Currently, George has an estimated net worth of more than $15 million. We can’t know for sure though. This is because his Assets are mostly property.

We know that George is a businessman and most of his money is made from Business but he has also made good money from Hollywood that really contributes to his net worth. His income and profits will surely increase by the year.

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