Who Is Austin Owen? About Gary Owen’s Son

Austin Owen with Gary Owen

Gary Owen, the “Funniest Serviceman in America” is one of the most loved actors and standup comedians. Gary started his career back in the late 1990s and he has also worked in numerous movies. We have seen many children take over their parent’s profession and similarly, 47 years old comedian’s son Austin is following his father and is on his journey to becoming a great standup comedian.

Austin is the only son of Gary and his ex-wife, Kenya Duke. In this piece, we will get everything that you need to know about Gary Owen’s son Austin Owen.

How old is Austin Owen?

Austin was born on November 27, 2000, in Los Angeles, California, United States. And judging by his birth date he currently is 21 years old however, he will turn 22 this November. He was in Los Angels for most of his childhood days but later went to Ohio with his family.

He holds an American nationality and has a mixed family background. Furthermore, he currently seems to be in Heritage High school. While Austin is the only son of Gary and Kenya, he isn’t the only child. He has a half-brother from his mother’s affair with Emilio Toliver Sr. and his brother Emilio William Toliver was born on January 18, 1991, in Oakland, California. He studied at Lakota West High School and after that, he enrolled in The Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati.

Furthermore, Austin also has a biological sister Kennedy Owen who he grew up with. Kennedy was born on July 3, 2002, in Los Angeles, California. She is currently studying at North Carolina A&T State University, before she joined the university she also went to Heritage High.

Gary shared a post on his social media accounts about his daughter going to NC A&T back on January 20, 2020, and he wrote, “Ok it’s official my daughter has been accepted to go to NC A&T next year.  She told me her freshman year of high school she wanted to attend an HBCU. A&T was her first choice. So get ready that loud white guy at the homecoming game will be me for the next 4 years.” He showed how proud he was of his daughter and Austin must also be proud of his sister.

Austin also does stand-ups

As mentioned above, Austin is following his father and is pretty interested in doing stand-up comedy. Not only is he interested in stand-up comedy but he has also performed on stage. In June 2018, he was at Tommy T’s Comedy Clubs where he gave his first performance. Even though it was his first time performing, he did a pretty good job and got a huge round of applause.

Gary has mentioned that he was more nervous than his son before Austin’s performance. Furthermore, in one of his videos, Gary has revealed that his son never asked for his help before performing on stage. He said,

“my son who’s never been on stage never told a real joke in his life wrote his own set. I didn’t write any jokes for him the only thing I did was He came to me and asked me some advice like dad what do you think I should do to get the crowd on my side.”

Moreover, Austin has also made an appearance in The Gary Owen Show and Petty Things: Isolation (music video).

Austin’s net worth and relationship status

There is not much information if 21 years old star kid is working or not but as per the reports, he has an estimated net worth of $100,000. If we talk about his father then Gary is a pretty successful stand-up comedian and actor who has worked in more than a dozen movies and he is said to have a net worth of $3 million.

Talking about his relationship status, we have to say that we are not sure. He is a pretty private person and he doesn’t even have a public social media account.

Austin’s parent’s marriage and divorce

According to the sources, Gary and Kenya first met outside the comedy club in the late 90s. Later, they again meet at the same place, and they shared their number then started talking on the phone. They then fell in love with each other and must have dated for some time before they decided to marry.

On July 19, 2003, Gary married Kenya and their wedding ceremony was held in Oakland, California. Their relationship seemed pretty strong but sadly it was not as strong as everyone thought because 18 years after their marriage Austin’s mother Kenya decided to file for divorce in Los Angeles County Superior Court back on March 19, 2021.


It was reported that the reason behind their decision was incompatible differences. However, later on, July 8, 2021, Duke hinted on her Facebook that it was because of Gary’s extramarital affairs. She wrote mentioning Gary,

“@garyowencomedy I don’t care about any of these paid relationships. Although, I do think $600 for 30 min is too expensive and you were tripping if I tried to order a $12.00 side dishes when we ate out…Wow! What I do care about is you doing the right thing financially when it comes to me. (“It ain’t gone be right…until you do right) Does Brianna know I am still paying your bills? How does an old dude, choose a chick that doesn’t care about his relationship with his kids and she got kids? What kind of mother can @_bribri_ be? Thanks for all the info in my inbox. I have enough side chicks and escorts in my inbox to last a lifetime. No more needed. Everyone of these hoes that used my half of the money will be in court. After, I deal @_bribri_ Brianna Johnson. Thank you for shouting her out on Wendy’s show. That will also be used in court. Have fun on set.”

Austin Owen has a Sister

In terms of siblings, Owen has a younger sister with whom he grew up. His sister’s name is Kennedy Owen and she was born in 2003 in LA, California. Kennedy actually went to Heritage High and then attended the North Carolina A&T State University. Her father was quite proud of the achievements of his daughter and even posted on Instagram, a photo and a very long caption.

The caption was basically about how proud he was of seeing his daughter get into the school that she wanted to go to. And he also said that he will support her for the next four years of college. It was a great moment for her dad.

In addition to this, Kennedy went to Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy from where she passed out of high school. Austin also has a half-brother named Emilio William Toliver from his mother’s other relationship with Emilio Toliver. Emilio was born and raised in Oakland. He studied at Lakota West High School and then attended the Art Institute of Ohio.

What is Austin Owen Doing at present?

Austin is currently studying. He is very focused on his academics. In addition, he looks quite interested in Stand-up and has done some standup with his father.

Back in the June of 2018, the star kid even performed Stand-Up at Tommy T’s Comedy Clubs in Pleasanton California. While this was his first performance, Austin also received huge applause from the audience too.

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