Who is Gary Owen’s daughter, Kennedy Owen?

Kennedy Owen

Kennedy Owen is the only daughter of the famous Gary Owen. Gary is an actor, a stand-up comic, and a pretty famous personality who has spent around six years in the US Navy. So, what is his daughter Kennedy like? Well, today we are going to be talking about her so, let us get started!

Kennedy’s father Gary spent time in the Navy

Yes, you heard it right, Gary Owen is a US Navy personnel in addition to being a stand-up comic. He was even given the title of Funniest Serviceman in America. Gary also gained his reputation for being the funned black comedian in San Diego. He actually won a contest for it!

Kennedys Mother likes to Stay Away from Limelight

Kennedy’s Mother is Kenya and she is an entrepreneur. She is currently the owner of the company named Premier Sports and Corporate Travel. The company is situated in Cincinnati in Ohio and this has provided Kenya with a really nice stipend over the years. Her company was created in 2009. In addition to that, Kenya is also an actress but that is more of a hobby than a career!

Kennedy’s Mother is a bit away from all the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood. She is just far away from all the people and stays lowkey. There are many people that don’t even know what Kennedy’s Mother even looks like! Besides that, Kennedy is a college student who has two siblings including an older half-brother. We don’t know much about her sibling though.

What is Kennedy Owen’s Age Now?

Kennedy Owen is nineteen years old as of 2021. Her birth year is 2002 and she was born in LA, California. Her birthday falls on the 3rd of July. On her last birthday, we could see Kenya posting about her daughter with a pretty long caption. The caption basically stated how Kenya Owen was happy for her daughter and she was blessed to have a straight-A student with a kind heart.

Is Kennedy Owen adopted?

Kennedy along with her mother

Definitely Not! Kennedy is the biological daughter of Gary and his wife Kenya. Gary also has an adopted son named Emilio Owen who is Kennedy’s half-brother from her mom’s relation with Emilio Toliver. The comedian adopted Emilio after he married Kenya in the year 2003.

Besides this, Kennedy also has a Biological brother named Austin Owen born in the year 2000. Austin was born in Los Angeles.

Are Her Parents Still Married?

Kenya and Gary Owens tied the knot on the 19th of July in the year 2003. They got married in Oakland, California and the wedding took place in a really small event. It had only their close friends and family members.  They got married in the traditional wedding attire of gown and suits.

The two actually dated for a particularly long time before they got married to each other. They met for the first time back in the late 90s and then after Gary did his performance at Sunset Boulevard, the two got married. But they did not start dating till they met again at the same spot though. Subsequently, both of them started to talk on the phone and going on dates. They got married in the year 2003.

But the two’s marriage fell apart after 18 long years when just this year, Kenya filed for divorce. And a few months ago in March, the pair got a divorce.

Is Kennedy Biracial?

Yes. Kennedy is Biracial. her mother is an African-American whereas her father is of white ethnicity. But her nationality is American.

Where does Kennedy go to school?

The 19-year-old girl first went to Heritage High School. After that, she went on to study at North Carolina’s A&T State University. When her daughter was accepted into college, her dad was pretty proud and he wrote on Social Media that he was proud of her daughter and wishes her the best of luck in College. He also said that for the next 4 years, she had much studying to do and he again admitted that the School she chose was awesome and getting into the University was a big achievement.

What is Her Net Worth?

Kennedy is just a teenager right now, so, she hasn’t really made any money but Gary is quite rich. He has an estimated net worth that exceeds around $3 Million as of 2021. The main source of Gary’s income is his Stand-Up Comedy as well as the Acting Career. Gary has starred in many movies like Rebound, College, Daddy Day Care, and more. In addition, he is also quite famous for being in many TV Shows.

Is Kennedy Owen in a Relationship?

We did not know about her relationships earlier but then we went to her Social Media. Turns out Kennedy is available on Facebook and she has uploaded a pic with a mysterious personality in 2015. This might be her previous or current boyfriend. We don’t know whether she is still in a relationship though. But considering that she is just 19 years old, Kennedy might be in a relationship.

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