Who is Garth Brooks’ Daughter, August Anna Brooks?

August Anna Brooks

August Anna Brooks is a popular singer and a lawyer. She has earned a big amount of money from her law career and she treats her singing career as a hobby.

In this article, we are providing you with a complete information on Anna so, let us get started.

Who is August Anna Brooks?

August Anna Brooks was born in the year 1994 in Tulsa, USA. Her birthday is May 3 and she is a Lawyer. In addition, she is also the daughter of the famous singer Troyal Brooks and Sandy Mahl.

Troyal is a very famous country singer as well as a song writer who is known all over the world for integrating rock elements into his recordings and live performances. This has earned him a popularity all over the world.

Anna is a Taurus. Moving on to her relationship, She is also married. Her husband is Chance Russel.

Anna went to the Oklahoma University after graduating from a local high school. She is pretty happy now and she has also become a mother. Her child’s name is Karalynn Russell.

Anna and her husband Chance had been dating from 2011. They got married after a while.

Anna’s father is a very high profile celebrity and he gave an interview when Anna gave birth. He said that the baby is a lovely child and He is blessed to have a grand child.


Anna Brooks is a Lawyer by profession. She helps out many people with her degree in Law. She practices law in her home state and she has also earned a good amount of money from it.

She works at a top law firm in Oklahoma. Anna is a very important part of that organization and her work has made a big deal.

Since both of Anna’s parent were singers, Anna also has a hobby of singing. This hobby is secluded though. He doesn’t really sing that much overall.


Anna also has two siblings and her older sister name is Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks who was born in July 8, 1992 and her younger sister name is Allie Colleen Brooks and she was born in July 28, 1996.

Her sister has completed Bachelor’s degree in Arts with a major in history from the Oklahoma State University, and she started her career on music world.

Also, her younger sister Allie is also a singer and she got inspiration from her father. Till now she has already released some very famous single albums.

August Anna Brooks is Married

Anna is a married woman by now and she is married to her boyfriend Chance Michael Russell. Till now we don’t have any information about their wedding but what we know is that this couple has a beautiful child who was born in 2013.

Agusut and Chance first meeting was in their school, in school they began to fall in love with each other and soon started to date as well.

By now the family seems to be very happy and living a great life together.

Anna Brooks Gave Birth To A Child At 19 Years of Age

Anna Brooks gave a birth to her child when she was only 19 years old, their daughter name is Karalynn Grace Russell she was born in 2013. Karalynn was also first grand child of Troyal.

Later in 2016, this couple again welcomed their another child Gwendolyn.

August Anna Brooks Parents Divorced When She Was Young

Her did a divorce in March, 1999. The couple stayed in love for about 13 years and later thy revealed their plan for getting divorce. The couple filed a divorce on November 6, 2000 and it take about a year to finalize the divorce.

When the couple were splitting, August was only 6 years old and it makes a great effect on her. After their divorce, August father married to another famous cookbook author and singer Trisha Yearwood. 

Who is Troyal Garth Brooks?

Troyal Garth Brooks was born on 1962 in February 7. Brooks is  known for integrating rock and pop elements in the country genre. This earned him major popularity in the United States. He has a successful career as a country music singer and many hits under her belt.

Also, Troyal has multiple-platinum recordings and live performances. He has also crossed over to the mainstream pop life.

As of 2020, Brooks is the only artist in music history to have released nine albums. All of these albums achieve diamond status. This is actually bigger than Beatles’ record of six diamond albums.

Since the year 1989, Brooks has released over 13 studio albums and 77 singles. He has also won major awards. Brooks has 17 AMAs and 2 Grammys. In addition, he also received RIAA Award for best-selling solo artist of the century in the U.S.

August Anna Brooks Net Worth

Anna brooks has made a lot of money with her Law degree. She has a lot of experience working in a firm and she gets a lot of money out of it.

She works at a top law firm in Oklahoma. Her professional life has seen a major rise and the total net worth that she has currently is $2 million.

Aside from this, her father has earned a lot more and he has earned more than $10 million throughout his big career. Members of the Brooks family live a very good life overall. They have a luxurious lifestyle.

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