About Freddie Mercury’s sister, Kashmira Bulsara

kashmira bulsara

Kashmira Bulsara might not ring any bell but she is related to one of the most famous people on this planet. She is the younger sister of the late great Freddie Mercury (real name – Farrokh Bulsara). Freddie was a singer, songwriter, and producer. He was famous as the lead singer of the great rock band Queen. The two siblings were the children of immigrant parents and both of them became quite successful in their lives.

So, what is Kashmira like? What does she think of her brother? What about her life? Let us answer all these questions today.

Kashmira Bulsara is a Tanzania native

Kashmira’s name is of Indian origin. It means Beauty of Kashmir. But she was not born in India. She was born in Zanzibar (which is now Tanzania). She was born here in 1952 to parents of Indian origin. Her parents are Bomi and Jer Bulsara. Both of them were from the Parsi community of Western India. The Bulsara was originally from the city of Bulsar which is in Gujarat.

Kashmira’s family moved to Zanzibar as Bomi was the cashier at a British Colonial Office. Since they were Parsis, they follow the religion named Zoroastrianism. It is more than a religion. Rather, it is one of the world’s oldest practiced religions. This faith follows the teaching of the prophet Zoroaster.

Kashmira was born as a British in Zanzibar as it was under British rule till the year 1963. But later on in her life, She became a citizen of the UK.

The Bulsara Family Escaped War

In 1964, The Bulsara family fled to England from Zanzibar to escape the revolution against the Sultan of Zanzibar and his Arab government. This conflict took many lives (mainly Arabs and Indians were killed). After getting out of Zanzibar, the family relocated to 19 Hamilton Close on Feltham, Middlesex. This is a town which is 13 miles west of Central London. They stayed at this location briefly and then settled into a small house later that year.

Kashmira Follows the Zoroastrianism Faith

freddie with kashmira bulsara

As we said earlier, Kashmira’s parents follow the Zoroastrianism faith. Since they are Parsi, her father was into proper Zoroaster and he continued the practices and tradition. Both siblings had to go through the Navjote Ceremony which is kind of like a baptism. This ensures their official indoctrination into the Zoroastrian faith. Bulsara has admitted that the family was extremely into religion. The two had to pray every day and she also mentioned that it was because of this religion why Freddie worked so hard.

Kashmira Bulsara speaks on her Brother

Kashmira is currently 69 years of age. She has made her appearances in many documentaries related to her late brother Freddie. She is there in documentaries such as  The One Show, Freddie Mercury: Magic Remixed, and Freddie Mercury, the Untold Story.

Kashmira has also done many interviews to talk about her late brother. In the September of 2016, Kashmira even attended the unveiling of the English Heritage Blue Plaque. It was a homage to her late brother.

Kashmira Bulsara’s Relationships

In the year 1972, Kashmira got married to a person named Mr. Roger Cook. Cooke is a singer-songwriter and producer too. Freddie attended their wedding. This was the same year that Queen had signed their first deal with Trident Productions.

After getting married, the two moved north to Nottingham. The place was called Sherwood. They moved to this place because of her Husband’s career.

The two lived in this house for around 20 years. This was when Freddie was becoming world famous because of the hit records that Queen put out over the years. Despite a busy schedule, Freddie made time for his sister. He also visited his nephew and niece. Bulsara and her ex-husband are parents to two children as well. They have a son named Jamal Zook and a daughter Nathalie. Their marriage ended in the late 2010s though. They had a divorce.

How much is Kashmira Bulsara worth?

Quite a lot of money! Bohemian Rhapsody was a movie that portrayed Freddie’s life story and this movie generated $890 million in the box office. Out of this $890 million, she got $25 million. This is a lot of money.

After the film’s massive success, Kashmira also sold her penthouse for around $6 million USD. The three-bedroom flat is worth quite a fee and this was just one of the many properties that she owns. So, you can say Kashmira is legitimately a multi-millionaire.

Kashmira Bulsara collects Jewelry

Freddie liked to collect Jewelry and so does his Sister. Kashmira has had her collection as a tribute to Freddie. Freddie Mercury was a real fanatic when it came to Jewelry. He moved his many jewels in vanity cases. He had millions in Jewels. There is even a book titled “A Kind of Magic” which speaks on Art Deco Vanity Cases. The book speaks in volumes of the things owned by people like Freddie that collect Jewelry.

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