Where is Freddie Mercury’s ex-girlfriend, Mary Austin now?

Mary Austin with Freddie

Mary Austin was a British rock star Freddie Mercury ex-girlfriend. As per Freddie, she was the inspiration and biggest motivation for his professional career although, she was unknown to the fans of this singer she was a very valuable woman for him.

During their relationship time, Freddie and Mary used to live sharing the same flat as living together in West Kensington. One popular song named  ‘Love of My Life’ was written by Freddie for Austin.

She made a great effort for Freddie’s career and Mary is also the important name for the band Queen. From living together to loving each other very much, this couple has shared their feelings many times but never got married.

While Freddie started to live a famous life and loving other males, she moved towards and marry to another man but when Freddie was in need on his last days. She was there to care for and support Freddie, and in turn, he left a million worth of property to her.

Mary was born in 1951 and her birthplace is Fulham, United Kingdom. She was born into a middle-class family and her parents are deaf. The couple meets for the first time in 1969 at London clothing where she used to work and Freddie was there for buying new clothes.

As soon as they met the couple fall into love and she started to live together with him. Freddie proposed this lady in the year 1973 when the Queen band released the eponymous first album.

Birth Name Mary Austin
Nick Name Not Known
Age (as in 2020) 69 Years
Religion Not Known
Sun Sign/Zodiac Sign Leo
Birth Place Fulham, London, England
Date of Birth March 6, 1951
Nationality British
Home Town Fulham, London, England
Hobbies Horse-riding, Listening to Music, Traveling


Mary lives a secretive life

The moment was shocked when Queen members got to know that Freddie has left a hefty property to her after his death. When Freddie was dead his partner Jim Austin at the time thought that the property and house of Mercury will pass to him which did not happen.

After three months of Freddie Mercury’s demise, Mary came into the house for Jim, Freddie’s ex Joe Fanelli, and Freddie’s PA Peter Freestone to leave the house. Anyway, Freddie also left 500K pounds for Jim, Joe Fanelli, and his PA as well which was very enough at that time to leave a good life.

Talking with Mary she also said that she was no so happy to evict them from this property because many gay partners have really hoped to get the Freddie property which he only left to Austin.

Being gay Freddie’s love bond with Mary was unbreakable, he not just left her a mansion but he also made her the rightful owner of all his fortune and future earnings from Queen band. Mary also tried to convince Freddie to make his mansion a museum after his death but he did not agree and told her to keep the mansion.

Freddie said, “If things had been different, you would have been my wife and this would have been yours anyway,” Later it was reported that Mary raised her two children in this mansion along with her husband.

In an interview, she also said that she has never made a single changed from Freddie’s decoration but in 2017 she got into a fight with Freddie’s fan when she removed the graffiti from the wall and also added a warning stating defacing the wall constituted a crime.

Mary and Mercury was about to get married

Mary Austin with Freddie mercury

After living in a relationship for about six years, she was very unhappy with the relationship because she was suspecting if he was an affair with another lady and she also threatened Freddie that she will leave if he doesn’t tell the truth.

But the truth was really shocking when he revealed to Mary that she was bisexual. Talking with Daily Mail she told, “I’ll never forget that moment,” because it was really shocking. She also recalls that she replied ‘No Freddie, I don’t think you’re bisexual. I think you are gay.”

After this moment their love life was started to tear down and they stopped all the physical relationship and even ended the engagement.

But this doesn’t break the relationship and bond between them, they were never in the plan to get retire from the relationship but because of Freddie being gay there was some trouble in their relationship. She supported him and also used to go on tours with Mercury and the Queen band.

She married Piers Cameron

Later, she married Piers Cameron and started her family life but when Freddie died, she explained that she was very sad and she also felt that when he died she felt like she lost her family. She added, he was everything for her besides her sons.

Even she got married to another guy she had always shared her feeling towards him and she also told the news many times that he was part of her life and he was everything to her.

Talking with Mirror, Freddie kept his promise and loved her till his death.

Mary Austin is Wealthy

As per data, Mary Austin’s net worth is around $150 Million making her the richest woman in her city area. The major portion of her income came from Freddie and his future earnings. When Mercury died he left a heft property located in the middle of London which was worth $40 million at that time.

She was also given a major portion of Queen tour income as Freddie made all his future earnings on her name. From republishing Freddie songs to getting a share from the Queen band franchise her net worth has grown more and more.

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