Who is Freddie Highmore’s brother, Bertie Highmore?

bertie highmore

Bertie Highmore is an English actor as well as a model. He is quite famous for his many works on TV. He is especially famous for playing in the series named Women Talking Dirty. Apart from this, he is also recognized as the younger brother of Freddie Highmore. They have even appeared in different movies together. But aside from acting, Bertie is also an investor and currently, his career is that of an Investment Manager at a Venture Capitalist firm.

Bertie, unlike his brother, is a bit of a shy individual and he has kept most of his life away from all the media attention. So, what is he up to right now? And how has his life been like? Let us find out today in this article!

Bertie’s Childhood Life

Bertie is the younger brother of the famous Freddie Highmore.  Bertie was born Albert Highmore in the February of 1995. The Highmore Brothers are actually from the United Kingdom. Just like his brother, Bertie was also born in London to Edward and Sue Highmore.

Both of Bertie’s parents are in the TV industry. His father used to be an actor while his mother works as a talent agent. He has a good relationship with both his parents. And actually, he has a great bond with them as well.

In terms of academics, Bertie did his early schooling at Highgate School and then he later attended The London School of Economics as well as Political Science. It was there where he got a degree in Management and Finance.

Are Bertie and Freddie Highmore Twins?

No, they are not. Most people believe them to be twins but that is not the case. Bertie’s brother Alfred Highmore or Freddie was born on Feb 14, 1992. On the other hand, Bertie was born on Feb 8, 1995. The only thing that’s the same is the month of their birth. Since their birthdays are quite close to each other, people might think they are twins. But this is not the case. Freddie has worked in many successful movies and he does look a bit similar to Bertie so, this might have also confused many people.

Bertie Highmore’s Career in Investments

Bertie’s main career is in the Finance Industry. Despite having some acting credits to his name, Bertie is not really an actor. He is more inclined towards Finances and right now, he is an Investment manager. He works for a firm named Blue Wire Capital.

He started working in Finance in 2013. Bertie first worked as the Analyst for Purple Seven. Later on, he started trading stocks at Goldman Sachs. A year later, he went to be a full-time worker at Susquehanna International Group. All of these places treated him well and he had an impressive career.

In addition to Blue Wire where he works right now, Bertie also leads an Investment Team at Blenheim Chalcot. He works as an Advisor in this company.

Bertie Highmore’s career in the Entertainment Industry

bertie highmore

Highmore is also an actor like his brother. But he is barely an actor! He has appeared in movies here and there. His one credited role is in the Rom-Com Women Talking Dirty. In this movie, he played the role of Col who is the younger brother to Freddie’s character Sam. The two nailed the role but Bertie did not really get into the film industry while his brother was all in. It proved fruitful to Freddie as he ended up making a hell of a career for himself in Hollywood.

What is Bertie’s relationship status?

Bertie is quite a private person so, he doesn’t share much of his life. So, we don’t really know what is exact relationship status is right now. But we do know that he was in a relationship with Allie Summers. The two were childhood friends and they have known each other for a long time. If the rumors are right, they started dating in the year 2013 and they are together since then. They even share a great relationship and have several of their pictures on Social Media. If the rumors are right, back in 2013, Allie even posted a pic where she was kissing Bertie. So, they might be a couple.

How Much is Bertie Worth?

Investors earn a lot of money in America and even in Europe. Bertie, as an investor, is associated with incredibly high-profile companies. He earns a big chunk of money from it and if the sources are right, His net worth is estimated somewhere from a million to 2 million dollars.

In addition, his brother Freddie has a net worth that exceeds 8 million dollars.

Bertie Highmore’s Social Media Profile

Bertie is quite active on Social Media. You can find him in all three major platforms i.e, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. His Instagram is private though with only around 600 followers. Similarly, he was around 44 followers on his Twitter. On his social media, he posts about his lavish life and gives some insight into what his life actually looks like.

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