Who is Forest Whitaker’s Brother Kenn Whitaker?

Kenn Whitaker

Kenn Whitaker is an old-time film star who is best known for his appearance in films such as Bulworth(1998), Most Wanted(1997), Life(1999), and many more. He has a popular older brother who is also an actor, producer, director, and activist.

He has inspired many people through his influencing story and even if he has stopped making his appearance in films, he is still loved by many. He has a very interesting and inspiring biography as well. If you are excited o learn about him then you are in the right place as you will find everything you need to know about his life in this article.

About Kenn Whitaker

Kenn Whitaker was born on 8th June 1963 in Longview, Texas, United States. He is the son of Forest E. Whitaker Jr. and Laura Francis (née Smith). His father is of Igbo descent and he is an insurance salesman whereas his mother had Akan ancestry and she is a special education teacher who put herself through college and earned two master’s degrees while raising her children.

His family had moved to Carson, California when he was in elementary school. He grew alongside his two brothers, Forest and Damon, and an older sister Deborah. He had attended Palisades Charter High School located in Los Angeles, United States.  He wasn’t the most brilliant or smartest student and neither was he a poor one, he was an average student who loves acting very much.

Kenn also got enrolled in a college to complete his graduation but no information about the subjects and the institute he went to is available. He was interested in acting and had shown a keen curiosity about becoming an actor so he pursued his acting career.

According to his birthdate, he is currently 58 years old and his zodiac sign is Gemini. His birth name is Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker.


Talking about his career, he had a very successful and inspirational career. He made his debut in the 1997 film “Most Wanted” with a minor role. The film starred Jon Voigt and Keenen Ivory Wayans and was credited for the screenplay. He had portrayed the role of Bus Guard 2. After a year, he did a cameo in HBO’s sketch comedy series “Tracey Takes On…”. In the series, he appeared as a second smoking man in an episode titled Smoking.

He also portrayed the role of Henchman #1 in the 1998 film “Bulworth”. It is an American political satire black comedy film starring, co-written, co-produced, and directed by Warren Beaty. The film got Los Angeles Film Critics Associations Awards under the Best Screenplay category and it was nominated three times for Golden Globe Awards under various categories as well.

After that, he prayed the role of a detention Center Guard for the episode Whatever Works of the network Fox series “Party Of Five” in 1999. In the same year, he was one of the cast members of the American buddy comedy-drama film “Life’. The film stars Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawerence and it was written by Robert Ramsay and directed by Ted Demme. He portrayed the role of Isaac in the film.

In the year 2001, he was starred in the thriller/indie film “Theory of the Leisure Class” where he portrayed the role of Otis.

Mistaken Identity

Kenn and his brother got a lot of attention in 2018 after a Twitter user posted a picture comparing the two in 2018. After that, the news quickly spread and the brothers were trending on social media as they exactly looked like each other. You can watch the post down below.

However, it was a hoax as both the pictures were of his brother Forest with different looks during his career. After some time an older photo surfaced on the internet which showcased that the two brothers didn’t look much alike.

His siblings

As mentioned earlier he has three siblings, two brothers, Forest and Damon, and an older sister Deborah.

Even if the Whitaker brother might look similar to each other to some extent when it comes to appearances but they are not twins. The false rumors have spread like a wildfire and some people even relate him and his older brother Damon to Forest to such a degree that some have started believing that the three names are just made up and they are the same person.

But the truth is the three brothers are real and as well as the three brothers were born at different times which makes it more clear that they do not overlap each other’s due dates and are very much real.

Current relationship status

Even though he is quite famous and has gained attention from the media from time to time he has managed to keep his personal life under the wraps of the media and the public. As well as he doesn’t have a verified account on any social media platforms so we can’t get any info or hints regarding his relationships and personal life.

So, his current relationship status is still unknown. However, his brother Forrest Whitaker had filed a divorce from his wife Keisha Nash Whitaker in 2018 after being together for 22 years. Unlike Forest, his family doesn’t get much attention from media and news outlets so not much is known about the family and Kenn.

Forest’s left eye

Many of the fans of Forest have wondered for many years about his left eye. Some fans had speculated that the actor had completely lost his one eye and some believed that it is something of a physical deformity.

But the truth has finally been revealed and it is revealed that he was born with ptosis in his left eye. Ptosis simply drooping eye is a benign ocular condition that can cause the upper eyelids to sag.

But even though he was born with such a disability some critics have noted that his ptosis has helped him in his portrayal of more complicated characters and turned his eye condition into an advantage.

If some of you have wondered he doesn’t want to cure his eye then he has revealed that he has considered corrective surgery, not for cosmetic reasons but because his ptosis sometimes blocks his field of vision in his left eye which is very dangerous.

Luckily, there is a number of treatment available for those who have ptosis or hooded eyelids. If you are dealing with a similar condition to the actor then we prefer you to consult your preferred eye doctor as they can provide more information and suitable treatments based on your conditions.

His net worth

It is estimated that his net worth is approximately USD 1 million. But unlike his millionaire brother, he lacks aforesaid commendations to a good extent. It has already been more than two decades since he made his appearance on the silver screen. After he made his final appearance on “Theory of the Leisure Class” in 2001, not much has been disclosed about his professional pursuits, and has been living quite a secretive life.

But we can assume that he must be living quite a lavish and comfortable life as he has probably earned a hefty sum of money through his acting career. As well as his actual net worth hasn’t been revealed yet so the actual amount might be higher or even lower than the estimated amount.

From zero to top

To conclude, Kenn had an inspiring and motivational career as he managed to go from zero to the top and achieve success. Even though he was just an average student and was like a normal person he has managed to earn a name for himself as he loved acting since childhood and pursued his acting career from a young age.

He has inspired trillions of people who are still searching for jobs and work to follow their passion and to work hard. Even though only a few might be successful we can all take inspiration from Kenn Whitaker.

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