Who is Weather Girl, Felicia Combs? (Profession, Salary, Husband)

Felicia Combs

Felicia Combs is a quite famous American Meteorologist. She is currently a Weathercast for a Weather Channel in Florida. Before this job, she used to be on Fox 21 in Georgia as their Morning Meteorologist. She has become quite famous because of her incredible beauty and her witty way of delivering weather in all kinds of channels. So, today let us explore her life and she how she is doing.

Degree in Journalism

Felicia was born in the year 1989. This makes her around 30 years old in 2021. Her birthday is on 27th May and her hometown is West Virginia. She is American and white. Her birth sign is Gemini.

As a student she was quite studious so, she got through High School with flying colors. After that, she went to the University of Central Florida and got a degree in the field of Broadcast Journalism which was great. In addition to this though, She has a degree in Applied Science too which makes her quite a genius. Felicia says that a science degree has helped her understand weather in a much better way and this helps her career has a Meteorologist.

Career as a Meteorologist

Felicia’s weather broadcast career started in Georgia where she did this work for than two years. Her area of work was Central Georgia but after a while, She move to Missouri where she covered the Weather there.

Missouri is famous for extreme weathers like floods, storms and tornadoes and working in this territory was a great experience booster or Felicia.

After this stint, she went to the Weather Channel in Miami in the year 2019. Just before that, she had worked in West Palm Beach in Florida. It was in Florida where he covered two major Hurricanes that happened there. The two hurricanes were named Matthew and Irma.  As Felicia grew up in Florida, she knows the weather around the area and can navigate quickly around it.

Comb’s Lavish Lifestyle and Her Social Media Influencer Career


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These days everyone has a side hustle and Comb is no stranger to it. She has a Social Media Career where she posts pictures of her life on Instagram to amass followers so she can promote brands. That’s how this career works and she is quite incredible at doing this.

Since Felicia has a great lifestyle, she shows it on Instagram. She loves to travel so, you can see new places on her account. if we go over her Instagram account, it seems like she lives a life filled with luxury. She also owns a Bentley that costs more than $200,000. Felicia has a decent net worth and fame from her career.

She looks quite good as well. Her beauty and overall style has also pulled a massive number of followers to her account.

Is Felicia Combs Married?

No, Felicia Combs is not yet married. She also doesn’t have a boyfriend. Yes, you heard it right, she is single right now and she seems to be focused on career more than anything. It might be a while when she finally decides to date. As of now, She is happy being single.

She also doesn’t really share that much information about her love life. Everything about her personal life is hidden. When asked about her relationship by a fan a couple of years ago, Felicia said that she had a great valentine’s day. Everyone thought that she was either lying or being sarcastic but who knows? She might be speaking the truth.

Celebrities often hide their relationships from the fans because there are things that you want to keep private. This might have been the case with her too. Felicia ended the rumors about her later on though and admitted that she was indeed single.

How much is Felicia’s Salary and Net Worth?

A Meteorologist can make you pretty rich in America. In addition, being a famous meteorologist working for a cable network is a big deal. We did our research and found that Channel 5 paid her around 50K per year for her services. This is a good amount of money. Her current salary though is double that. Yes, WSVN Channel 7 pays her around 100K a year. In addition to that, she has other sources of income like her social media and more. This makes her total income substantial.

We have a rough guess that Felicia is worth more than $550K currently. She might even be worth more! This is especially true when you consider her lavish lifestyle with 5 Star Hotels and Bentleys.  Felicia might be getting more than we guess.

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