Who is Faye Hadley? Bio, Net Worth, Career, Husband and More

faye hadley
Date of Birth 1986
Profession Mechanic
Height Tall
Weight Slim
Net Worth $100,000 /Yearly

Faye Hadley is an entrepreneur and an automotive technician. She own the Piston & PixieDust which is a mobile automotive repair and she is also the founder of #WomanAndMachine. This is an organization of tradeswomen that hosts day-long workshops all around the country.

Faye Hadley Biography

faye hadley on her garage

Faye Hadley was born in 1986. She is 34 years old currently and she was a pretty good student. Her father has a Ph. D from MIT and that influenced her to study. She is actually a Harvard graduate and she earned a degree in Psychology.

She used to work as a therapist but she later quit the job to start her entrepreneurial journey.

While a lot of female celebrities are famous because of music, acting, modelling and even reality shows but not many are famous because of cars. Most females don’t even work in a garage but Hadley does.

This is what really differentiates her from most. She also has a very famous Youtube channel where she caters to her followers. She makes car and machine related videos and provides free of cost classes to many people.

She has become one of the most inspiring person in the automobile world. She also owns a company called Pistons & PixieDust and is also a founder of an organization to help build women in the car industry.

But why was she so inspired by the automobile industry? Well, since a little girl, Faye was really impressed with machinery and vehicles. Her interest was further made solid by a cross country road trip she did in 2008.

After that, she completed her education and started working as therapist. While in the medical business, she spent her leisure time learning the basic skills of machinery.

She learned cleaning, assembly and ordering car parts. Later she switched jobs to follow her passion and quit a really respectable job of a therapist.

This interest and knowledge led her to find her own company that does a commendable job of education women so, they can have a real chance in the automobile industry.


Faye Hadley is a Harvard graduate and she practically could have had any job she wanted upon graduation. She worked as therapist because of her Psychology background but later she left the job.

She wasn’t happy with the job and wanted something more challenging. So, she got an internship at a garage where she worked for 1 year for next to no pay.

During this time, she took several classes related to automobiles and then got a job at a Toyota dealership. Here she continued her education and received various certifications through Toyota.

From there, she was also recruited by a well known local independent shop which specialized in older vehicles. She accepted this job and helped to make it a better place.

This place inspired her to start her own company so she started Pistons and Pixiedust, a company that helps women and bridges the gap between women and machines.

Her shop is located in San Antonio, Texas. The company is basically an educational foundation for women.

Net Worth

Hadley’s exact net worth and salary is not disclosed in public. We also don’t have any way to evaluate her company. But she does have a YouTube channel with 30K subs.

And this channel’s estimated revenue is at 65 grands. So, We guess only through YouTube she has managed to make 65,000 USD. Apart from that though, we have zero idea.

More facts about Faye Hadley

  • Faye was a very good student and her father’s MIT studies really affected her in a positive way. She became fascinated with machinery and engineering because of it.
  • Faye had really decided to become a mechanic way early in life but situations led her to pursue a degree in psychology at Harvard.
  • She wasn’t happy with her job  as a psychologist so, she quit to start her own company.
  • Her mother was the real reason she switched lanes. Her mother inspired her to follow her passion.

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