Who is Faye Chrisley? Her Bio, Net Worth & Some Truth

Faye Chrisley
Date of Birth Sept 2, 1943
Profession Actor
Debut TV Series Chrisley Knows Best

Faye Chrisley is a 73 year old American actress who portrays the role of a Nanny in an American reality TV show called ‘Chrisley Knows Best.’ She is an interesting person who has a really energetic personality even though she is old.

The Show Chrisley Knows Best is comedy gold. It has a very large appeal and the hit series is incredibly hilarious too.

The show follows the Chrisley family as they go on their daily lives with their hilarious family. They have an overbearing father Todd and the entertaining Nanny Faye. This makes the show really stand out. It has garnered a very huge following in America.

And Faye has become popular because of this. Chrisley has managed to be in the hearts of viewers all around the world. Her charisma and sass has been appreciated by the audience. She is someone with a good sense of humor and a really rebellious personality.


Faye was born in the year 1943 (2nd September) in the United States of America. She is currently 77 years old. Faye did pretty hard work as a child.

She reminded this to her three grand children in the Show. Chrisley grew up in a farm where she had to milk cows every morning at 4:30 AM.

He also had to feed the chicken and hog. Faye told her grandchildren that they could not survive even for a week if they had to do the same thing.

She has three children; Todd, Randy and Derrick. Randy and Todd are still alive while Derrick is long gone. Faye is currently single. She was previously married to Gene Raymond Chrisley.

Gene died on 2012 at a Hospital in Atlanta. Among her two sons that are living, Todd is a businessman and a TV actor while Randy’s background is currently not known. There is no information about him


Faye Chrisley wasn’t really famous in her life. She became famous after she started playing as Nanny Faye in the hit TV reality show Chrisley Knows Best.

This show made her almost an overnight success. At an age of 77, she is enjoying her time in the limelight and we hope that she continues to entertain us with her evergreen charm.

The Show premiered in 2014 and it went strong till 2020. It had a total of 8 seasons and the content was pretty great.

Later when Todd was indicted for bank fraud and other criminal cases, the show had to stop. Todd took on a massive debt which he couldn’t pay and so, he had to serve time.

Net Worth

Faye has accumulated a really hefty sum of money. She has a really good life. It is said that her children forced her out of the home in 2014 but it remains unverified.

Anyway, the talented and smarty actress is worth somewhere in the range of $500,000. This is a lot of money for a 77 year old.

So, we can say that she does live a really happy and prosperous life. Moving on to her son Todd, he is in serious trouble right now. Todd is in massive debt.

He took a loan of $12 million and he was unable to pay this amount. This made him an IRS target and he owes them more than $500,000.

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