16 Facts About Peppa Pig

peppa pig

-Peppa Pig was created by a British animator called Mark Baker in the 1990s. Her show first aired on Nick Jr. and has been popular ever since.

-She is so iconic that she even has her own theme song which many children know all too well, “Peppa Loves Chocolate”. She also taught children emotional lessons and moral values.

-Peppa Pig’s death was announced on September 12th, 2019 via a tweet from the creator of Peppa Pig Mark Baker. He tweeted that she died peacefully in her sleep at the age of 15 after two years battling swine flu virus HIAHFV. The announcement came as a shock to many but there was no word on what is next for the show.

-After her death, in 2019, it made international headlines and has been covered by major news outlets across the globe such as BBC News and CNN International. There was also an outpouring of reaction from celebrities who are tweeting messages to mourn with fans after hearing about this bad news.

-Peppa’s legacy will live on though her many episodes and YouTube videos that are still widely available to watch. Fans can also purchase memorabilia such as plushies from the show.

-Peppa Pig has been a household name since she was first introduced in 2004. Her show is the most viewed pre-school children’s animation series on YouTube, with her channel having over 17 billion views and it counts as one of the top 100 channels of all time. The show also airs across many countries around the world such as the US, the UK and China.

-Peppa Pig was created by a British animation company called Astley Baker Davies which is owned by Entertainment One Ltd., an international media producer of movies and television content. The show has been licensed to more than 180 territories across the globe since first being aired in 2004.

-In 1998 John Astley, the CEO of Entertainment One Ltd., met with animator Neville Astley and they discussed making a children’s animation series. They based it on their own family life as parents in rural Oxfordshire.

-In 1999 John Astley started to develop an animated pig character that became Peppa Pig for his daughter who was three at the time.

-In 2004 the company created a pilot episode for TV, which was broadcast on Channel Five in the UK.

-The show became an instant success and millions of children across Britain tuned into watch Peppa Pig every day after school.

-Peppa is considered as one of the world’s best loved animated characters along with Mickey Mouse and SpongeBob SquarePants.

-Peppa Pig’s popularity is credited to its ability to tackle complex issues such as bullying, family relationships and time management in an age appropriate manner.

-The show has been translated into over 40 languages across the world including Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi and Russian.

-In May 2019 Entertainment One Ltd, the company who created Peppa Pig, announced that the show will end in 2020.

-The creator of the series, former animator and director Neville Astley said: “Peppa is an iconic character with 90 million fans globally but we felt it was time to call it a day.”

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