Did Everyone Forget Who Peter Parker Is?

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Hello Marvel fans, hope you all are doing well, there is a huge spoiler ahead in this article so if you have not watched the latest Spider-Man movie then I suggest you read the article later but if you don’t care about the spoiler then get into it.

Peter Tampers With the Spell

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So in the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home, we saw that Peter’s life got ruined because of Mysterio so he thinks of a few ways to fix his problem and he goes to Dr. Strange in hope for he will help him and after a little chat Strange agrees to help him.

Later, Strange takes Peter to a certain room to cast the spell which would make the whole world forget who Peter Parker is but Peter keeps tampering with the spell so it gets out of Strange’s hand and as a result, many visitors starts to come into their universe from another universe.

And in the last scene of the movie, many characters seem to come into the MCU universe so Peter once again asks Strange to cast the spell and make everyone forget who Peter Parker is so that everything goes back to normal and after Strange casts the spell the whole world forgets about Peter including his girlfriend MJ, his best friend, and happy. But has everyone forgotten about Peter? Let’s discuss this.

Did Everyone Forget Who Peter Parker Is?

Let’s remember what Dr. Strange said to Peter, he said that everyone in the world is going to forget who Peter Parker is but they still remember about Spider-Man, they only forgot about Peter.

Yes, even Strange himself has forgotten about Peter which he himself explains in the movie before casting the spell but there might be few heroes that might still know about Peter.

Remember Strange said that the whole world will forget but he did not say the whole universe so there might be a chance for Thor, Nick Fury, Captain Marvel, and members of Guardians of the Galaxy, to remember who Peter is because all of them are all off of the world.

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