Who Is Elon Musk father Errol Musk?

errol musk

Errol has lived a life filled with scandals and in the process, he doesn’t have a good relationship with his children. His children talk about him being a terrible person. Errol was married to a model named Maye Haldeman and he later married a widow as well.

He has made many headlines where he has revealed that he has had relations with his stepdaughter and even had a child with her. Because of scandals like this, Errol is not really liked that much!

Errol’s Early Life in South Africa

Errol is originally from South Africa. He was born Errol Graham Musk in Pretoria, South Africa. His birth year is 1946. Both his father and mother are white. His father was a South African whereas his mother was from England. Errol first married his high school girlfriend named Maye Haldeman who is a Canadian Model as well as a dietitian,

With Maye Haldeman, Errol had Elon in the year 1971. After a year, the two welcomed their second name who is named Kimbal. And 3 years later, Tosca was born.  Kimbal is now a very famous entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist. Tosca is now a film producer.

Errol and Maye’s relationship did last long, they got divorced in 1979. After this, the custody of their children was split between the two.

Engineering Fortune

Errol made a really huge amount of money from his engineering consultant career. He was also a real-estate developer and has owned many mines and natural resource Infrastructure in South Africa. He even has a share of emerald mines in Lake Tanganyika in Zambia of all places. In addition, he owns horses and has a private yacht as well.

He used to enjoy sailing as well as piloting and for this reason, he owns an aircraft as well. Errol spends most of his days at many Posh houses and enjoys like in the classy suburb of Pretoria. Elon also spent most of his childhood here.  Errol had made a fortune from engineering so, he retired early. After retirement, he just began to travel most of the time.

Relationship with His Children

Errol Musk

Errol’s relationship is quite bad with his children. The relationship is especially pretty bad with Elon. Errol has always made headlines and the two father and son have rarely spoken with each other. They have quite an estranged relationship with each other. In most of the interviews that Elon has done, he described his father as a bad influence.

This tension between the two developed after Error got a divorce. This made it quite difficult for the Musk family and scandals after scandals started to surface. The relationship got worse when Error made it public that he had fathered a child from his own stepdaughter. This is just insane. His relationship with Jana, his own stepdaughter was hidden at first. But later it surfaced.

Error’s sixth child named Elliot Rush is the result of this relationship. Everyone in the family initially believed that Jana’s boyfriend was the father of her child but a DNA test made it clear that it was Errol’s.

Errol justified his actions by saying that Jana never really was his stepdaughter as she was raised away from their family.

Errol has many mistresses

In addition to being generally bad, Errol also has several mistresses. And he has been criminally charged as well. Once, he allegedly shot and killed three burglars who tried to break into his home. Yes, the man is that crazy! This story is not confirmed or denied though, it could just be a rumor.

Elon Musk has also shown his disgust for his father. In his own biography, Elon told the author to not trust what his father had to say. Elon thinks so less of his father that he has not even made him meet his own grandchildren. Errol, on the other hand, says that Elon is a spoiled brat.

Elon Musk has sympathy for his father

While Elon musk is very frustrated by his dad’s constant shenanigans, he is also quite sympathetic towards him. He thinks that his father deserves respect for his engineering work and often says that he has a brilliant mind. Errol is also the one who financed Elon’s first company. When his first venture Zip2 turned to be a hit, he bought a place in Malibu with the money. So, despite all the problems with his dad, Elon musk still thinks highly of him.

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