Where is Ernest Khalimov Now?

Ernest Khalimov

In October 2017 there was a meme surfing and breaking all the internet and it was none other than GigaChad. The meme first started from Reddit and later it was covered on all the other social media.

Before talking about if GigaChad is a real person or not, let’s discuss what GigaChad is first. As per the reports, GigaChad is associated with the Berlin art project. It is a sequence of pictures of some models and it was created by a Russian creator and artist named Krista Sudmalis. She created the photoshopped pictures for her project called Sleek’N’Tears.

Many people are wondering if GigaChad is a real person so we will be talking about the man behind the meme GigaChad. We will answer all those questions in this blog post so continue reading to know all the detail of GigaChad.

Who Is GigaChad?

If you are here because of the memes then you already know that GigaChad has a physique of 1000 out of 100, yes he has physic-like giants and it is not surprising that his giant-like physic terrifies almost every man. If he is in some group then we already know who the alpha is.

Certainly, he is the alpha among the alphas and GigaChad among all the chads. His body (physique) is intimidating, but his facial equality and fairness are also on another level. Even allosexual women love him like a lotion, and there is also a female version of GigaChad and it is called Gigastacy.

The Man Behind GigaChad

Most of you may already know that the man behind the GigaChad is Ernest Khalimov a professional Russian model, bodybuilder, fitness trainer, and entrepreneur.

But sadly he is not known by many people that being said his meme is more popular than the man himself. Ernest was born on 1st March 1969 in Moscow, Russia. He is a Russian model and lives in Russia so he must hold a Russian nationality but some people think that he has a Turkish or Azerbaijan background.

Is he real?

Since his photo surfaced on the internet his meme has become one of the most debatable or discussable topics, we can see how perfect his body (physique) is in the picture.

His physique is so perfect that many questions how someone could possess a body or physique so perfect? Is he real or was the picture photoshopped?

While most of the people think and are claiming to be the picture was photoshopped. Ernest and his physique are 100% real you can also check his Instagram account to confirm. You can find his account by searching berlin.1969.

He even made an Instagram post claiming that he is real. In the post, he captioned, “Hello. Yes, I heard that I don’t exist. It suits me. The “art project” sounds great thanks. I don’t have Twitter, Facebook, or anything else.”

He also said that’s liked all the memes about him and he’s just like everyone else but a little bigger. “I read the messages you write and really glad that some people are inspired. Good luck guys. If it’s important to you, I open comments so have fun while I chop wood.  I’ll check next week. Best regards.” he added.

Sleek and Tears Model

Ernest is a model for a company called Sleek and Tears which is run by a Russian creator and artist Krista Sudmalis. You can see various models on their Instagram page including Ernest.

Krista takes pictures of various models and bodybuilders and you can also see Krista herself on some posts. It seems that Krista is one of the Gigastacy (female version of GigaChad).

Why Are Ernest’s MeMes More Popular Than Him?

Ernest has a physique that could even beat Rambo and Terminator stars Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Because his memes are already skyrocketing he should have been more famous but why is he still not getting any attention?

Ernest does not cooperate with any kind of marketing ideas, there is a youtube channel named More Plates More Dates, and in one of their videos, it says that GigaChad is not up for marketing.

In the video, a guy shows his texts with Krista who runs Sleek and Tears saying that he wants to reach out to Ernest and see if he’s interested in a sponsor to which Krista replies with he does not cooperate with anyone.

Death Rumors About GigaChad

Back in April, rumors were surfing around the internet claiming that Ernest Khalimov the man behind GigaChad had died in a car accident. But the rumors were just fake as later in May he posted a picture on his official Instagram account with the caption,

″Hello. I’m grateful for your good comments and messages but you better tell me an interesting scientific or historical fact. Don’t use slang. If I fail to achieve a decent result for the next shooting, or I will not resurrect after a car accident, or never become a real person, my little artist will fix this situation @sleekntears. Vanduo ir laikas šito plienas nenuplaus. Nadeus’ ) Thanks for your attention to Giga Chad’s army. Have a nice day.

Doubts About GigaChad

People were already doubting about GigaChad being a real person but now after the news that he is not up with any marketing ideas, people are questioning him even more now and this has raised more doubt.

Even more interesting thing is there are no videos of him but only the pictures so people are starting to believe that Ernest Khalimov AKA GigaChad is just an artistic or photoshopped work of Krista Sudmalis. Most people are convinced that he is just an imagination too good to be true.

But as mentioned above in May Ernest posted a picture on his official Instagram account and he also has said that he is receiving messages being fake and has asked to tell him scientific and historic facts other than slang or rumors. In the picture, you can even see him without photoshop so we can say that GigaChad is indeed real.

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