Who Is Eric Clapton’s wife Melia McEnery?

Melia McEnery

Melia McEnery is the owner of several non-profit and social organizations and is best known as the wife of Eric Clapton.  He is one of the most important and influential guitarists of all time.

Many of us already know that he is an English rock and blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He is one of the most successful and renowned guitarists as he is ranked second in Rolling Stone’s list of the “100 Great Guitarists of All Time” and fourth in Gibson’s “Top 50 Guitarists of All Time”.

Additionally, he was ranked number five in Time magazine’s list of “The 10 10 Best Electric Guitar Players” in 2009. Melia and Eric have welcomed three children and are together since the late ’90s.

Initially, Melia is in a way girl from a small town who came to make it big in LA. But instead, she found herself commencing a family with the legendary singer. If you want to learn more about her then you are in the right place. Because we will tell you everything you need to know about her in this article. So, let’s get started.

Melia McEnery

Who is Melia McEnery?

Melia McEnery was born on 1st February 1976 in Columbus, Ohio, United States. She is the daughter of a Korean-Irish mother and a Scottish-English father.

Talking about her ancestry, she is the granddaughter of Walter McEnery of Bonita Springs, Fla. Her Scottish-English father was allegedly a construction worker and her Korean-Irish mother was a homemaker.

McEnery is well educated as she went to Bishop Watterson High School and she also has a degree in art. Talking about her career, she moved to California after college and allegedly joined the design industry for two years.

After that, she became a graphic artist and briefly worked for her father’s contracting business. Later, she landed a job as an assistant at Giorgio Armani for he career. She also worked as an event planner in the meantime.

At the present, she is working as a Senior Clinical Advisor for Crossroads Centre Antigua. The organization mainly focuses on helping people with both drug and alcohol issues.

How did she meet Eric Clapton?

Melia McEnery had met each other in 1999 in Columbus, Ohio at a party given for him after a performance. McEnery was an administrative assistant in Los Angeles and had just left Ohio with her boyfriend to try her luck in Tinseltown

At that time Eric was 53 years old whereas Melia was 22-year-old. Melia was a former graphic designer who was an organizer for an apparel company, Giorgio Armani. Whereas Eric was working on an album with BB King.

They happened to meet each other at a party given for the Surrey-born artist after a performance. It was a success party for Eric by Giorgio Armani, Getty.

However, McEnery was one of the party organizers and had strict orders about not interacting with any guests. But still, she went to Eric to ask for an autograph which she said was for her uncle.

They dated for over a year secretly until they decided to make their relationship public. However, they broke up after a year of dating. But they got back and patched things up and quickly reconciled. After that, they welcomed their first daughter, namely Julie Rose Clapton on 13th June 2001.

It is also reported that the two had actually met each other at a Los Angeles charity auction in 1999.

Eric Clapton & Melia McEnery

When did she got married to Eric Clapton?

Melia McEnery got married to the Wonderful Night singer, namely Eric Clapton on 1st January 2002. They decided to get married in front of a handful of close family and friends at St Mary Magdalene church in Clapton’s birthplace, Ripley.

At that time, McEnery was just 25 years old whereas the Tears In Heaven singer was 56 years old. But there’s a twist in the story as both of them had invited the guests to attend their daughter Julie’s christening.

Julie’s half-sister Ruth also accompanied her to the baptism when she was 16-year-old. Ruth is the first child of Eric from his previous relationship with Yvonne Kelly.

Right after everyone witnessed Julie and Ruth’s baptism, the couple decided to surprise everyone by revealing that they were going to have a wedding ceremony at the same event.

Does she have any children?

Melia and Eric have welcomed three daughters, namely Julie Rose (born 13th June 2001), Ella May (born 14th January 2003), and Sophie Belle (born 1st February 2005).

Additionally, her husband has one daughter named Ruth as mentioned earlier. She was born in Eric’s previous relationship with Yvonne Kelly. At that time Eric had an affair with Kelly as he was the husband of model Pattie Boyd.

Ruth is already married to her husband Dean Barlett and together they have welcomed a child named Isaac Eric Owen Barlett. So, Melia is a step0grandmother as well through her husband.

Eric also had a son named Conor Clapton with an Italian model namely Lory Del Santo. But unfortunately, Conor died at the early age of 4 years.

The tragic incident occurred on 20th March in 1999 when the little child jumped on the low window-ledge where he’d normally press his nose against the glass gaze out.

The little boy fell out of an open bedroom window on the 53rd floor of a Manhattan apartment building and lost his life. Later, this incident inspired Melia’s husband’s hit song titled “Tears In Heaven”.

Clapton family

What is she up to these days?

As mentioned earlier, Melia McEnery has been a leading member of a charity project called Crossroads Antigua for years. She also serves as the Senior Advisor at Crossroads Centre Antigua.

She has worked on several charity movements her whole life. McEnery even initiated a single project named “Be Here Now” in 2020. The project had featured Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks. “Turn Up For Recovery” foundation was benefited a lot from the whole proceeds of the project.

She is the founder of the organization and It uses music to raise awareness of addiction. Her husband also supports her very much in community work. Once, he had contributed 100% of the profit from the sale of George Harrison’s song “Be Here Now” by Doyle Bramhall II feat. Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks- to Melia’s organization “Turn Up For Recovery”.

Is she still together with Eric?

Even though Eric and Melia hadn’t appeared by each other’s side at the present, we can very much say that they are together. They have already spent more than 20 years in a relationship.

Surely, they have developed a strong bond over the years, and let’s hope their relationship will last forever. The last time that the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductee mentioned his wife was on Facebook in November 2020. Apparently, he had used Facebook to talk about his wife’s charitable movement.


Her dating history

As mentioned earlier, McEnery was in a relationship with someone else before dating Eric Clapton. She was in a relationship with Chris Losinski. It is reported that Chris was a worker at a coffee shop and he was in a long-term relationship with Melia.

Apparently, they were together since high school. Melia was training to become a graphic artist at the time.

But after Melia met Eric in 1999, she immediately fell for him and so did Eric. Clapton had asked McEnery to mary him on Father’s Day following that.

However, after Melia left Chirs for Eric he was heartbroken. He said, “The thought of what went on behind my back eats away at me like cancer. I feel so stupid for not realizing it. But I honestly thought she was the girl I would spend my whole life with. We’d even decided on names for our children.”

Furthermore, he revealed that McEnery had left him with bell-bottom blues when she dumped him to be with Clapton. He also stated that Eric would call the home the couple shared constantly to set up trysts.

Net worth and her presence on social media

Melai’s net worth is yet to be revealed. As mentioned earlier, she is the founder of Turn Up For Recovery”, a socialite, and a philanthropist.

She must have earned quite a bit from her career. On the other hand, her husband is a millionaire. He has an estimated net worth of USD 300 million. Eric is able to earn such a large sum of money from his successful musical career.

Melia is not available on any social media platforms as she doesn’t have any verified accounts. But still, she is mentioned quite a bit on social media, and she also appears in one or two podcasts especially to talk about her non-profit works.

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