All About Spencer Grammer’s Son – Emmett Emmanual Hesketh (Biography, Net Worth, Age)

emmett emmanual hesketh
Date of Birth Oct 9, 1983
Mother Spencer Grammer
Father James Hesketh

Emett Emmanual Hesketh is a star child. He is the son of Spencer Grammer and James Hesketh. You might know both of these celebrities but even if you don’t know. We will definitely provide you with the information.

Who are Emmett Emmanual Hesketh’s parents?

Spencer Karen Grammer was born on October 9, 1983. She is an American actress famous for giving her voice to summer in the hit Adult Swim Sci-fi animated series Rick and Morty. In addition, she is also Casey Cartwright in the ABC Family college drama Greek.

Spencer was born in Los Angeles, USA and she is also a star child of comedian Kesley Grammer. She has six paternal siblings: three half sisters and three half brothers as well. She has a maternal half sister named Madison too. Spencer attended Marymount Manhattan College in the NYC. 

Grammar’s first role was as a child. She appeared in the show called Cheers. Grammar also played the female lead Casey in Greek.

This role gave her really big push in her career and then she went to even bigger role in Rick and Morty. Her voice acting is loved by fans in the show and she has garnered international recognition because of this.

James Hesketh is Spencer Grammer’s husband and the father of Emmet. The pair married in 2011 and welcomed their son in just 9 months. They have now split up.


Emett Emmanual Hesketh was born in the year 2011. He was born to Spencer and James Hesketh. Emett is currently 9 years old. He goes to Junior High. Emett’s grandparent are Kelsey and Doreen.

Not much is known about his life though. Since he is very young, he hasn’t done much. All we know is that he goes to school and his life is just revolving around it currently.

Also, Emett doesn’t have an Instagram account so, we don’t know what he is up to.


Emett is too young to have a career. He is still in Junior High so, it’s a long time before we can accurately predict what his career would be. But he might follow his mom and make a mark in the Entertainment Industry.

His mother Spencer is a successful actress with shows like Greek and Rick and Morty under her belt. This fame has also made her a lot of money. The now divorced single mother Spencer took the custody of her son and is now raising him to be a better person.

Emmett Emmanual Hesketh Net Worth

Emmett is still a small child so, we don’t really have any idea about his net worth. Perhaps he will become a big star in the future and then earn millions of dollars but right now we can’t be sure.

His mother though is a very big actress with major roles in some of the best sitcoms in the country. This has made her a lot of money.

Her net worth currently is around $1 Million which is a pretty good sum of money to have. Emmett lives a pretty relaxed life right now with her mother. The two are more than comfortable with their financial status.

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