All About Jesse Watters’ Wife – Emma DiGiovine (Bio, Net Worth)

Emma DiGiovine Net Worth 2021

Emma Digiovine came in popularity due to being Jesse Watters Wife. Jesse is a famous American commentator who is also known for the co-host on The Five and he is also the host of Watters’ World Show.

Watters is also a very close person of 45th US president Donald Trump. Below you will learn about the life of Emma Digiovine and her life as a wife of Jesse Watters.

Who is Emma Digiovine?

Emma Digiovine was born in 1992 and her birth place is Cranford, New Jersey. She was active from her childhood where she was also involved in playing soccer and softball.

She also joined a dance class at the age of 15, and appeared at the stage of Broadway’s Metropolitan Opera House as the member of ballet.

Her education was from the Academy of Saint Elizabeth and she graduated at the year of 2010. DiGiovine studied Bachelor of Arts Degree from Fairfield University which is located at Connecticut.

During her student days she also served as a marketing director for the university ‘s student association.


In 2012, she joined Showtime Network as a intern where she also level up her skills in public relationship management. And after leaving the company she started to work as a member of MSA Models Management Agency. From this fashion company she also get chance to collaborated with big fashion brands like Macy’s and Tom Hilfiger.

DiGiovine professional career started when joined Fox news and also get job being assistant of John Stossel. She also served as a production assistant  for the show in December 2016.

And in 2017, she was promoted to a position of being associate producer for Jesse Watters’ show “Waters’ World” from where she was able to learn about Jesse on details and their relationship begin to start.

It is believed that Emma’s relationship with Jesse led to Jesse’s divorce

Jesse was a married man before he get married with Emma. His first wife name is Noelle Watters and they also share two children. Noelle and Jesse was married on 2009.

Emma relationship with Jesse is the main reason of Jesse previous marriage divorce. Although, there is not so much details about their internal issues and problems but many people believe that Emma made trouble in Noelle married life.

After, Noelle filed for a divorce, Jesse reported his relationship with Emma on Fox News human resources department.

Emma and Jesse got married in late December 2019

After the Noelle filed for divorce, Emma and Jesse’s relationship was still on go and they were also planning to get married. The divorce was finalized in March 2019. Jesse made announcement on Twitter saying that, “Emma and I would love to announce about our engagement! Thanks to all of my family and friends who showed me support and love.”

Jesse and Emma got married at December in 2019. And Jesse made announcement on Twitter saying that, “I am Watters and this is my wife #loveyou.”

This couple has not welcomed any child by now but looking on their social media profile, it feels like the couple are really happy and they are enjoying their life on a great way. They also shares pictures of both of them on internet.

Emma Digiovine Net Worth

DiGiovine is working hard to her career and she has also climbed a top level ladder on Fox news. Anyway her salary has never been disclosed publicly, her hard work had definitely paid well.

On the other hand she also runs her own fitness class business where we have to pay monthly to get access of her personal training videos. She also got a YouTube channel with over 2.5k subscribers.

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