Who is Gavin MacInnes Wife, Emily Jendrisak?

Emily Jendrisak with her husband
Date of Birth 1974
Profession Consultant
Martial Status Married
Education San Francisco University
Husband Gavin MacInnes

A lot of non celebrities become famous for marrying celebrities. Emily Jendrisak is one of them. She got into the limelight as the wife of the famous comedian, actor and director Gavin MacInnes.


Emily Jendrisak was born in the year 1974 in the USA. As of 2019, she is 45 years old. She is also the daughter of Jerry and Christine. Jendrisak holds an American Nationality and she is a white person.

In the same way, her father was a construction worker while her mother was an advocate of the Native American rights.

She grew up in a very helpful family and that helper her career become a reality. She was a really good writer from an early age and she received many awards for her skills. She attended the San Francisco University where she studied communications and journalism.


After completing her studies, she began a career as a publicist and a consultant. But before even that, she used to do some really low paying jobs to survive. Her first publicist and consultant job was where she gained real experience.

She also used to help her mother who supports the Ho-Chunk tribe. The Ho-Chunk tribe are the native American Tribes of the United States of America who have unsettled business with the US Government. The land ownership issue is what both the parties are fighting.  And Emily supports the cause along with her mother.

Back to her life, while she was working as a Publicist she met Gavin. More on their relationship later but, the two got married after their meeting. 

Gavin co-founded a very impressive magazine Vice and there he was called a literal godfather. He also cofounded the advertising agency Rooster NY and launched the website StreeCarnage.

Gavin has written a number of books like “How to Piss in public’ and he also directed The Brotherhood of Travelling Rants. McInnes played a supporting role in films like “How to Be a man”, “Soul Quest Overdrive”, “Creative Control”, and “One More Time”.

Emily’s husband also wrote for famous magazines like “Truth Revolt”, “The Federalist”. “Death an Taxes”, “VDARE” and is currently writing for “Taki’s Magazine.”

As mentioned, Emily Jendrisak is a married woman. She swapped her marriage vows with Gavin way before. They were in a relationship for several years and they have brought their relationship into the married life now.

They also got married at sunset view farms in Bovina. Currently, the couple enjoys their married life as a perfect husband and wife.

She hasn’t spoken any words regarding her past affairs and relationships. She is free of controversy and rumors. The couple also has three kids.

Relationship with Gavin

While we as humans are all for a happy ending and a relationship story that means something, we also like a really cool meeting story!

Emily and Gavin do have all of them. They had a happy ending and they did meet with coincidence. They actually met in 2000 at a Fish Bar present in the east side of New York City when they were returning from a Wedding.  They had that love at first sight kind of moment when they first met.

The two started dating almost immediately and they were really close to each other. Both of them had similar opinions about different subjects and this helped them to gel together. But they did not hurry their relationship.

They took it slow and actually waited for like 5 years before finally getting married. The two have three children together now but they don’t really show their children off like some prized trophies. They actually want their children to grow up normally without all the public glare so, they keep it a secret.

Gavin once said in an interview that he loves all his three children and he wants them to grow normally in their Larchmont House in New York City.

Net Worth

Emily has earned a fair amount of money from her incredibly solid career. Though we do not have a clue about her exact net worth, we can say that she enjoys a life of luxury. As she is a wife of a famous celebrity, she is more than well to do.

We estimate Gavin’s net worth to be of around $10 million. This is mainly because he co-founded these huge magazines.

Gavin also has a YouTube channel with around 300K subs. He also earns a significant amount of revenue from his YouTube. His earnings can be said to be of about $6.1k to 300K per month.

This makes his yearly earning of $75K to almost $5 Million from YouTube alone. As he is very successful in his field, we can say Gavin’s net worth is really huge and so is his wife’s. They enjoy a great life.

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