About Adult Star Ellie Leen (Age, Height, Net Worth)

Ellie Leen

There are many social media stars or influencers on the internet these days who have got a huge fan following and today in this blog post we are going to be talking about one of the social media stars whose name is Ellie Leen.

As mentioned above we will be talking about Ellie in this blog post, for your guidance, we will be looking into Ellie’s biography, her career, her physical appearance, and a few other things related to her in this blog, so if you are here to know or learn a thing or two about Ellie Leen then you’ve come to the right place, just hang on with us and read the full article.

Short Biography of Ellie Leen

As per our research, Ellie was born on April 7, 1997, which makes her Taurus. There is debate on where she was born as some sites suggest that Ellie was born in the United States while others suggest that she was born in Amsterdam, Nederland, but when I was researching I found out on her official pornhub account her birthplace is actually Iceland.

There is no available information about her personal life so we don’t know who her parents are and other personal things about her but according to the sources her ethnicity is Asian.

How Did She Become Social Media Star?

As mentioned above there are many social media influencers and stars around the world and they all have been followed for some reason so what made Ellie popular or star? I guess most of the people reading this article know why, and for those who don’t know how she became social media star then it’s because she is a porn star.

Yes, she is a porn star who has a huge fan following in her pornhub account, she has over 145k subscribers on her pornhub account with more than 20m video views.

Ellie Leen Physical Appearance


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Ellie is a 24 years old young woman who has a brunette hair color with a pair of beautiful brown eyes. She is 5ft 6 inches tall and weighs 51kg according to her official pornhub account.

Is She in a Relationship?

According to a few sites, it seems that she was once married but later separated and she does not even talk about her past life much. Right now, she is single according to her official pornhub account.

Ellie on Social Media


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Ellie is pretty active on various social media like Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, she is active by the username @itsnotellieleen and has over 220k followers, she also has a backup Instagram account that has over 90k followers and on Twitter, she goes by the username ellieleen1 and has more than 295k followers.

How Much Does She Earn? (Her Net Worth)

We cannot say how much she earns exactly as she has never disclosed her income so we can only estimate her income. We all know that she earns through her private videos from onlyfans and other sites and few sources believe that she earns around 50 to 60 grand every month from her videos and her net worth is estimated to be around $3 to $5 million.

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