What Was Elizabeth Taylor’s Real Eyes Color?

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Elizabeth Taylor is one of the most iconic actresses in Hollywood history. She’s also known for her violet or purple-blue eyes, but what was Elizabeth Taylor’s real eye color? Did she really have violet eyes or was it just a rumor?

To answer this question, we’ll first look at what makes an eye color “violet” and why people thought that Elizabeth had them. We’ll then take a look at some pictures of Elizabeth to see if they support the theory that she did indeed have these rare eye colors.

Violet eye colors are caused by a genetic mutation. This means that they’re not present in the majority of people and are usually only found in less than one percent.

The first time this rumor was confirmed, it was actually debunked! Apparently, Elizabeth Taylor had hazel eyes with flecks of gold or green around her pupils.

During her life, Elizabeth Taylor never confirmed that she had violet eyes. Instead, the rumor was just a product of popular culture and people’s imagination.

Elizabeth can be seen sporting deep blue contacts in many movies such as Cat on a Hot Tin Roof or Giant with James Dean. Even if you look at pictures from when she was a child, her eyes are clearly brown.

But, there is one piece of evidence that Taylor may have had violet eyes: the urn containing her ashes has blue stones on it which represent the gemstone for people with purple or violet eyes.

What Was Elizabeth Taylor’s Real Eye Color?

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The real color of Elizabeth Taylor’s Eyes is a mystery.

So it is possible that she had violet eyes when she died. But we will never know the truth because she denied having them for so many years before her death.

The color of Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes was never altered on film or with any kind of colored lenses.

Eyes lenses only became available after 1983, and this was a long time after Elizabeth Taylor was on her acting career.

So, there is still debate about if her eyes color is really violet or not.

How did her eyes appear violet?


She may have had violet eyes when she died. There is speculation that her urn contains blue stones to represent the gemstone for people with purple or violet eyes, but there are no facts supporting this claim.

There was a magazine article published in 1995 that claimed Taylor’s eye colors were brown and green, not even blue.

The article was from a German magazine, and they never showed any pictures of Taylor to back up their claim.

Yet another suggestion that is tossed around by people who are discussing this subject is the idea that Elizabeth Taylor wore makeup all day long on film sets which could have changed her eye color as well.

This theory has not been explored in depth.

There are no pictures of her as a child to back up this theory, but it is worth considering if she had green eyes originally and changed them to blue when she was older.

In Taylor’s autobiography, there were never any references about eye color at all, so we can only speculate on what her eye color might be.

It’s possible that she didn’t know her true eye color because they were always changing colors throughout the day due to makeup or lighting, but it looks like brown and green are most likely her natural eye colors.

Elizabeth Taylor Eyes

When Elizabeth Taylor was in the hospital for her heart surgery, she mentioned that during her childhood years, she would change her eye color as well. This theory has not been explored in depth because there are no pictures of Elizabeth Taylor from before 1950 to back up this claim; however, it is worth considering if she did change her eye color, it would have been because she was wearing blue contact lenses.

Some people believe that Elizabeth Taylor’s natural eyeshade is brown or green; however, this has not yet been confirmed due to the fact that her eyes changed colors depending on what makeup and lighting looked best for a particular photo shoot.

Nobody Knows True Color of Her Eyes

The mystery of Elizabeth Taylor’s eye color is something that we will never know for sure. All we can do now is explore the different possibilities and try to find out what her real eye color may have been, or speculate why she had such a unique set of eyes.

Her personal assistant claimed that her colors changed depending on her mood and what makeup looked best for a particular photo shoot, but never revealed the truth.

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