Who is John Cena’s Ex-wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau?

Elizabeth Huberdeau with John Cena

Elizabeth Huberdeau is a former or ex-wife of a famous wrestler, actor, TV presenter, and former rapper John Cena, and if you don’t know about Elizabeth Huberdeau then you are not a fan of WWE or John Cena. She is the teenage love of Cena who is better known as Liz Cena.

Most of the articles about Cena have mentioned Elizabeth as they were married from 2009 to 2012. After their marriage, they were seen together in public. It’s a very happy moment as their teenage love story turned into a marriage. But at the present Elizabeth is known only because she was Cena’s wife. The media paid constant attention to her and she became one of the many who became popular due to a relationship with someone already well-known.

She gained popularity soon after marrying Cena. But after Cena filed for a divorce, she kind of died or vanished from the stardom or public eye. In this blog post, we will be talking about everything we know about John Cena’s former wife Elizabeth Huberdeau or Liz Cena.

John Cena & Elizabeth Huberdeau

Early Life of Elizabeth Huberdeau

Elizabeth Huberdeau better known by the name Liz Cena was born on November 29, 1979, in West Newbury, Massachusetts, United States. There is no information available of her personal life as both Cena and Liz have kept it private. But it is reported that Liz may have enrolled in a high school in her home town and many believe that Cena and Liz met at the high school.

Liz may have studied in either Cushing Academy in Ashburnham or Central Catholic High School in Lawrence as Cena attended these schools when he was a child or teenager, and as per the reports Liz went to Springfield College and developed a career to be a real estate business.

She also had an interest in modeling so she had a few modeling projects before marrying Cena but she was not known by many.

Marriage of John Cena & Elizabeth Huberdeau

As mentioned above John and Liz (Elizabeth) were in a relationship since high school but still, nobody knew about her but when John was on his movie (12 Rounds) promotion stating that he was about to get married and the internet went crazy over Cena’s future wife.

John married Elizabeth only after five months of the announcement they wedded on July 11, 2009, in Boston Massachusetts, United States. Everyone was talking about them as they were in a relationship since high school. She started supporting her husband Cena in his acting and wrestling career giving up her modeling career.

When they were married they seemed happy and inseparable, they were together for about three years but did not have children and according to the various sources, Cena said that he is not ready to be a father yet also it is said that Cena has undergone vasectomy so that he can never become a father as he is very busy with his work.

John Cena & Elizabeth Huberdeau

What’s the reason behind their divorce?

Finally, John filed for divorce on 18th May 2012. Later, Liz told that her husband didn’t tell her about the divorce and she wasn’t informed. When asked for the reason, Cena stated that they were not close like they used to be and had a hard time handling each other at home. Reports also suggest that they had a huge disagreement on redecorating their house. And Cena did not even follow the agreements and didn’t pay some contractors according to Liz.

There were rumors and news about Cena cheating, Liz, over Nikki Bella and Liz changed the agreement before their marriage and increased the amount of settlement money. The whole situation seemed to be hot and many thought that there would be a huge scandal but it was simply finished quickly. They came to an agreement that has not been public.

John Cena has moved on after the divorce

After the divorce, John Cena did an interview with men’s Health where he revealed his feelings.

He told, “I tried marriage once and realized WWE marriage was the only one that was going to endure,”

He started dating a fellow wrestler Nikki Bella after four months of his divorce. But unfortunately, the two also seemed to have broken up in 2018.

Many fans wished them to be married but Jon Cena made a tweet which can be taken as an official break-up announcement,

He tweeted, “Happiness is achieved by living your life, your way. Others may not agree with your actions or choices, remember it’s YOUR life, not theirs. Go forth, live, be happy.” You can watch the tweet down below,

Later, it was revealed that Bella had some issues with Cena regarding his views on marriage, commitment, and children. She also confessed that she didn’t want to give up the opportunity to become a mother because of her ex-fiancé. She also revealed that she opposes her ex-fiancé’s assertion to marry and have children only because he didn’t want to lose her.

The two seemed to have diffusivity with a long-term commitment. So, John Cena is once again single and only time will tell if he’ll ever find true love.

What is Elizabeth up to These Days?

As mentioned earlier Elizabeth vanished from the public eyes since their divorce from Cena. She does not have any official social media accounts but according to the reports she is currently living in Florida and is focused on being a successful real estate agent or broker(she has her own company and she is a manager herself). Reports even suggest that her salary is more than enough for her to live a luxurious lifestyle.

We can say that she has moved on and is doing really well in her life as there were photos surfing around the internet of her with her new boyfriend Eli Ayoub. She is really happy with her new relationship.

Elizabeth is a strong woman and has set an example as well by overcoming every hurdle. She must have had quite a hard time after the divorce. But she has moved on and is happy now with her totally new life with her boyfriend Eli Ayoub.

John Cena & Elizabeth Huberdeau

Her Net Worth

We know that she is a strong and capable woman. She is successful in her field and many people seem to be interested in her net worth.

However, her exact net worth at the present hasn’t been revealed yet. But she is believed to have made a lot of money through a real estate agent. She also received a massive sum of money after the divorce. Her net worth exploded to a whopping $55 million as a result of the prenuptial agreement.

Currently, it is estimated that her net worth is $10 million but it is all thanks to her ex-husband.

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