All About Brandon Lee Ex-Wife – Eliza Hutton (Net Worth, Bio, Career)

Eliza Hutton

Eliza Hutton is the ex-wife of Brandon Lee. Who is Brandon Lee? The son of the legendary actor Bruce Lee. Now you get it!

So, yeah today we will be jumping straight into Eliza Hutton’s life and provide you all the information we have on her. Let’s start it.


Eliza Hutton was born in 1964. Her hometown is Kansas City. She became famous for being engaged to the late actor Brandon Lee who, as we mentioned earlier, is the son of Bruce Lee.

Before being married to Brandon, Eliza worked as an assistant to actress Kiefer Sutherland on the 2011 TV series by the name of The Confession. She also worked as a casting assistant earlier in her career.

Some quick facts about her is that she is actually one of the very few people born in 1964 who are famous. She is also incredibly rich and has an impressive talent .


We have a lot of information of Eliza’s career though. Unlike her personal life, her career is an open book. She first entered Hollywood as an executive assistant director in 1998.

A year later, she started working as a story editor at a production house of Kiefer Sutherland. The two hit it off quickly and formed a long working professional relationship.

Eliza was later spotted in the movie called The Crow in 1994. Similarly, she defended the movie when there was a lot of controversy on its release. It was a really messed up release but the movie did good in the end. So, what was the Controversy?

Well, Brandon Lee died while the movie was being filmed. He was shot by some thugs in the set and this really made the whole situation really tense.

Eliza has also worked as a casting director. She has been involved in movies such as Arena and The Confession. The TV series Confession was the actual big break for her. The episodes of the show was well received.

Recently, Eliza has kind of switched careers. She is no longer a casting director. She has become a child welfare activist. Eliza does seem to enjoy it though. She helps neglected and abused children. Eliza works for children who are not yet put in a foster home.

What is Eliza Hutton’s current relationship status?

After her husband’s death, Hutton has always kept her personal life private. So, we don’t really have any idea about it. Hutton also doesn’t really have a track record of previous relationship and neither is she seen with someone.

Often times, we see celebrities together in public and then we assume that they are dating or not. This hasn’t happened with Eliza so, we cannot say for sure if she is currently in a relationship.

How Much is Eliza Hutton’s Net Worth?

While the former wife of Bruce Lee’s son is not really that much rich but she does make a good enough living. Eliza has earned a  decent sum of money form her career as a casting director.

Yes, we do not have any idea about her actual net worth but sources say that she is worth around half a million dollars or so. Her former husband, Brandon Lee, on the other hand, was worth around $5 million.

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