Who is Drake’s Mother Sandi Graham?

Sandi Graham

Sandi Graham is popular because she is the one who brought famous Canadian rapper and actor Drake into this world. Drake loves his mother very much and he has even sung in songs about how much he loves and appreciates his mother.

Drake and his mother Sandi have struggled in the past but where is Sandi now? What does she do? find out everything from their struggle to their life after Drake’s success in this piece of article, without further ado let’s get right into it now.

Short Biography of Sandi Graham

Sandi was born on January 28, 1960, which means her zodiac sign is Aquarius. She is said to have been born in Canada but it is not clear exactly where. She has a mixed family background of Ashkenazi Jewish and Canadian.

Drake’s grandmother and Sandi’s mother Evelyn Sher was also very close to Drake so when she died on November 23, 2012, Drake was twitted about his grandmother’s demise.

Sandi’s son also praised his grandmother in some of his songs and mentioned how she had a big hand in raising him. Not to mention, he has even used his grandmother’s voice messages which you can listen to in Drake’s track called “Look What I’ve Done.” He even opened a sports and entertainment club after his grandmother’s name to honor her and this club is called SherClub.

There is no information on Sandi’s educational background so we don’t know which school or university she went to but it is certain that she is a graduate as she used to be an English teacher and according to the reports, she also used to work as a florist.

Who was She Married To? (Drake’s Biological Father)

Drake’s father and Sandi’s husband were a guy named Dennis. So where did they meet you ask? well, Drake’s father Dennis used to work at a bar named Club Bluenote where one fine day Sandi happened to visit that’s where they met for the first time.

Talking about Dennis, he belongs to a musical family and he is a Catholic from Memphis, Tennessee. He is also a former musician and he used to play the drum for rock and roll’s first great wild man Jerry Lee Lewis. But he moved to Toronto from Memphis and started working at a bar where he met his future wife.

Sandi and Dennis’ Divorce

While we don’t have any information on when they got married or when (date) they were divorced but we received information from various sources and according to them they were divorced when Drake was only five years old.

Drake even revealed the reason for their divorce in an interview and according to him, Dennis’ early careering forced him and Sandy to split. After their divorce, Sandi got full custody of her son and they lived in Weston Road in Toronto while Drake’s dad Dennis returned to his hometown Memphis.

Even though they are divorced they still have a very good bond and they are even seen together at various events, for instance, they were spotted together when Drake won the Artist of the Decade at the Billboard Music Awards in May 2021.

On January 28, 2021, Dennis even wished his ex-wife Sandy happy birthday through his Instagram account where he shared Sandy’s picture and wrote “Happy Birthday to one of the most loving people in this world, may you enjoy your special day and I am sure that it will be as special as you are, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART.”

Sandi Wants Her Son to Find Partner

Even though she is the mother of one of the biggest rappers around the world, she is still a mom, and just like every other mom she also cares about her child very much which is why she wants her son to find a partner to settle. How do I know it? well as mentioned Drake writes many things about his mother in his songs.

His mother once said to him, “Who the f*** wants to be 70 and alone?” and guess what that line made it to one of Drake’s songs. In Drake’s track From Time, he talks about how his mother wants him to get a partner, he wrote, “My mother is 66 and her favorite line to hit me with is, ‘Who the f*** wants to be 70 and alone?”

I guess Sandi knows exactly what it feels like to be alone, even though she is not 70 right now but she is close as she turned 62 years old this year, and maybe because she knows how tough it is to be alone, she wants her son to find a good partner to settle down because Drake too won’t always be young.

And if you ask me how much she wants her son to find a partner then she once tried to hook up her son with her personal trainer.

Sandi Wanted Serena Williams to Marry Drake

Hollywood Life published a report and according to the report when Drake and Rihana‘s name was popping on the internet in August 2014, Drake’s mother Sandi was thinking that Drake and tennis player Serena Williams would have been perfect and she even thought that she is “the one” for Drake.

As there were rumors that Drake and Serena were dating but just as the rumors started spreading they stopped seeing each other and Drake was again linked with Rihana. Sandi really loved Serena but things are not the same now as Serena is married to co-founder Alexis Ohanian and Drake also has a new girlfriend Johanna Leia.

Sandi Has a Grandson

On October 11, 2017, Drake’s former girlfriend gave birth to their son and his name is Adonis Graham. He will turn 5 years old this year. However, at first, Drake was unsure if Adonis was really his son so he did multiple paternity tests to confirm it and it turns out that Adonis is really Drake’s son and Sandi’s grandson.

Did You Know Sandi Had a Hip Surgery?

No, first of all, it’s not what you all are thing alright she didn’t get hip surgery to make her thing bigger ok? You guys need Jesus XD.

In November 2011, Drake explained in an interview with Complex that his mother had hip (spine) surgery because her head and her spine were separating. The surgery was successful and Drake later revealed that his mother is fine and healthy. He said, “looking younger than ever and moving better than ever.”

Sandi was About to Run Away From Her Home


Drake and his mother had to go through tough times and he did not know what his future holds in music which he has written in one of his tracks called “Successful,” Drake himself said that he took inspiration from his tough times to write it.

“When I was going through the creative process for So Far Gone, I was actually at a pretty dark place in my life. It was a frustrating time for my family, because my grandmother — who is now in her mid – to late 90s — was just losing it. It was hard for my mother to watch. And it was just, it was really at a point where it was like, Is this rap thing going to work? Like, Is this my choice? Is this what I am committing to?”

Drake was doing a series called Degrassi but after it ended he and his family did not know what to do. On top of that Sandi was going through a rough time and one day she could not handle it anymore. She decided to run away.

Drake was home but he forgot something in his car and when he went to grab his stuff he saw bags near Sandy’s car. Sandy and Drake looked at each other and as soon as Sandy saw Drake she just started bursting with tears.

Sandi’s Smoking Habit and Arguments with Drake

When Sandi was going through a tough time she started smoking and it later became a habit. As always, her son mentioned this in his mixtape “Take Care.” In his album “Nothing Was the Same” he has mentioned that his mother wanted to live alone in her apartment and he also mentioned that she rejected the fact that it was because of her illness she wanted to live alone.

There’s a saying in order to gain something you must lose something first and Drake has mentioned that his success came up with a price. In his mixtape “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” he explained how his career became the reason for him and his mother’s distance.

But later Drake explained that his relationship with his mother is the same as it was before.

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