Who is Drake Maverick’s wife, Renee Michelle?

Renee Michelle

We all know Renee Michelle from wrestling as she is one of the American professional wrestlers. She is also the multi-time women’s champion. Besides wrestling she also works in independent promotions, her promotion work includes East Coast Wrestling Association and Maryland Championship Wrestling and in both promotion work, she won women’s championship according to the reports. When she was in National Wrestling League she also won the ladies’ championship once.

As mentioned she is also included in promotion works and she has been seen in various promotional events such as WWE and Shine Wrestling. Renee is married to one of WWE stars Drake Maverick. Today in this piece of the blog post we will be talking a little about Renee Michelle, her personal life, and her husband Drake Maverick.

Short Biography of Renee Michelle

Renee was born on August 25, 1987, in Washington DC, United States. According to the reports she currently lives in Orlando, Florida. She is 5feet 3inches tall and weighs about 54kg as per the reports. When Michelle went to her first sports entertainment event, there she met former WWE superstar Duane Gill and Gill asked her if she is down to go and try a ring. Obviously, Michelle accepted the offer, and only a few years after that she became one of the best wrestlers in America. As mentioned she has won various titles like Women Champion, ECWA Women, MCW Women. She also traveled to few countries like Japan and India to participate in competitions. Michelle says that she is inspired by many wrestlers like Jushin Liger, Lita, Jeff Hardy, and Chigusa Nagayo. When Michelle went to Japan Nagayo took her in and trained her.

Is She Active on Social Media?

Yes, Renee Michelle is pretty active on social media like Instagram and Twitter. She also has a huge fan following on he social media accounts, on Instagram she has 125k followers, and on Twitter, she has 47.6k followers. Her husband Drake Maverick on the other hand has 349k followers on his Instagram account and 192k followers on his Twitter account. He also has a YouTube account that has 0 content but has 13.2k subscribers.

Renee’s Husband Drake Maverick

Renee Michelle with Drake Maverick

Drake Maverick, whose birth name is James Michael Curtin was born on January 30, 1983, in Birmingham, England. As mentioned he is the husband of Renee Michelle and they were married back in 2019. Drake is a professional English wrestler and as of now, he is signed to WWE. When he first got into wrestling he worked in an indie circuit where he won various championships such as One Pro Wrestling, Revolution Pro Wrestling, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom, XWA Wrestling, and he was also an X Division Champion twice. Drake is a student of James Storm and Chris Gilbert.

At that time he used to go with the ring or stage name Spud and on August 30, 2003, Drake fought against Jack Hazard for British Welterweight Champion and won the title, Drake stick with the title for few months before losing with The Gift Ross Jordan in December of 2003. After that, he was seen in various wrestling competitions and is still going on. Drake was free from his contracts with WWE.

Soon after he was released by the WWE he made a video thanking and saying goodbyes to his fans. The video was genuine and emotional so when fans saw the video and fans all over the earth supported him. Even after he was released by the company he was still expected to be in the NXT Cruiserweight Title Tournament and he did his best he could to impress everyone as he thought it is going to be his last tournament. But the support and love his fans gave him led him to get his job back.

After his match, he was interviewed by TalkSport where he told them how he felt knowing that he will have to leave WWE. “I was just thinking that am I going to be treated differently? Creative was never a question for me, nor was I confused about the plan.”

“Since Jake Atlas’s match was the first, I was the most nervous out of all of the matches. differently? Or am I gonna have these weird talks with Triple H that feel like counseling?”

“The emotions were real because it was actually my life, rather than seeing it through the eyes of a character as I did in the past. I literally thought to myself, I’m going to show the world James, and how I’m feeling.”

“There were no other people in the same situation as me. It was a terrible time for us all, but no one had the situation I had, where they said, ‘We still want you to do the matches.’ I released my video at that moment, and that’s how I felt. The truth was out there.”

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