Are Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw Getting Divorced?

Dr. Phil with Robin
LOS ANGELES, CA – OCTOBER 20: Dr. Phil McGraw (L) and Robin McGraw attend O You! presented by O, The Oprah Magazine, held at Los Angeles Convention Center on October 20, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Ben Rose/WireImage)

If you live in America you might know who Dr. Phil is. But for non-Americans, the name might not really ring any bells. Well, today we are catering to both audiences as we bring you all about Dr. Phil, his wife, and whether he is getting a divorce or not.

Who is Dr. Phil?

Phillip Calvin McGraw was born in 1950 on September first. He is better known as Dr. Phil and he is a doctor in clinical psychology. Yes, he got his professional practice in psychology in the year 2006. McGraw got famous though when he first appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show in the late 90s. It was here that he worked as a clinical psychologist and helped people get better. After this brief stint, he launched his own program called Dr. Phil in 2002. This show really helped him become one of the most celebrated personalities in America.

He quickly became famous all over the states with it!

Career and Personal Life of Dr. Phillip McGraw

In his actual life, Phillip McGraw is a certified doctor who has done his doctorate in Clinical Psychology. His father was also a psychologist. After completing his studies, Phil started his career by joining his father’s practice and they had a really booming business. He along with his father and a businesswoman named Thelma Box did seminars and shows to help people.

In the 1990s, Phil co-founded Courtroom Sciences which was the company that put him on the map and this led him to work with Oprah, he is no longer a part of this company though!

His life is so astounding that Hollywood and American TV have even managed to make a film on him. An American legal drama called the Bull was based on Phil’s experience as a trial consultant. He was even considered as a producer on that show.

McGraw’s personal life has been extraordinary. He first married Debbie in 1970, she was a cheerleader as well as a big star in high school. The marriage did not last long when his wife was accused of being a dominating person. So, they got divorced. After the divorce, Phil Met Robin McGraw, and they got married in 1976. The marriage is still going strong and they even have two children together.

Is Dr. Phil getting a Divorce?

Dr. Phil is a pretty big deal in America. Even his slightest movement is tracked by people and he often faces criticism for one or more facets of his life. His personal life has been looked at with more precision.

Dr. Phil is a rare case in Hollywood as he has been married for a really long time. It has been more than 44 years that he has been together with Robin. The two also have sons Jay and Jordan. His marriage has always been the talk all around America. There are many rumors about his divorce from Robin. This rumor was started 15 years ago and it is still there. In 2012, Phil had enough so, he went to the media and denied all the rumors. Sadly, Media speculation did not end there.

In the year 2019, he again appeared on a show called Rachael Ray Show where he told everyone how important his wife was to him

He said in the interview, ” My wife told me about the death of her parents and that now she has no one with her. That was the time I told her that I will always be with her, and she will never ever feel alone. She was happy hearing this. It is a promise I made to both of us. It is something our lives depend upon.”

In the same interview, he denied all the rumors about their divorce and said that they are happily married. Fast forward 2 years and even in 2021, the two are still happily married. Phil has proven time and again that the marriage between him and his wife is strong and the two are not splitting anytime soon!

What is Dr. Phil’s net worth?

You wouldn’t believe it if we told you what his net worth is! Yes, it is that huge. It is very crazy to think that a celebrity psychologist can make this much money. But what is the exact number, you ask? Well, it is $460 million dollars. Yes, almost half a billion dollars! Crazy, right?

Dr. Phil might be the only doctor in America with this much money in his bank. He became incredibly famous when he started on the Oprah show but when he later got his own show, his ratings went through the roofs, people started to watch him, and advertisers wanted to sponsor his shows and this is why he became such a big deal.

He earns today with endorsements and TV Deals. He also has tie-ups with different media houses, and companies and he invests his money wisely. Plus he runs different other businesses as well. So, the net worth is not surprising either!

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