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Who is Bob Barker’s Wife, Dorothy Jo Gideon?



Dorothy Jo Gideon
Date of Birth 1924
Profession Actress
Husband Bob Barker


Dorothy is an American who is very popular for being the wife of Bob Barker. Bob was a retired TV game show that famously hosted the show called The Price is Right.

Who is Dorothy Jo Gideon?

Dorothy was born in 1924 on Springfield Missouri. She passed way on october 19th 1981 because of Lung Cancer. She died in LA, California.

Dorothy was born to parents Jack and Dorothy Evans Gideon. She was totally American and of White ethnicity. Aside this, we don’t know much about her life though. She has dark brown hair though and her eye color was hazel.

At the age of 15, Dorothy met Bob. They were in high school back then. They dated for a while and were ultimately married for like 36 years which is pretty huge.

Dorothy died on lung cancer at the age of 67. The date was October 19 in the year 1981. She died in LA after battling cancer for like 6 months. After her death, her husband Barker did not remarry.


Much like her husband, Dorothy is also a worker in the Entertainment industry. While her husband starred in game shows, Dorothy was more in the commercials and singing space. She also appeared in TV series such It’s your bet and Tattletales.

Bob used to be an animal rights activist but that change in him was caused because of Dorothy. She had been fighting for animal rights for a long time.

According to bob, Dorothy was way ahead of her time. He says that Dorothy stopped wearing fur coats in 2007. Apparently, she also became a vegetarian and gradually he turned into a vegetarian as well.

Although the two were married for more than three decades, Dorothy did not become a mother.  It is not yet clear why though.

As you would imagine, Bob is still not over his wife’s death. While it has already been 4 decades since Dorothy passed away, her husband has still not forgotten her. Bob was spotted visiting her headstone in Los Angeles a while back.

Rumors say that he left some flowers in the park. Dorothy is a really big part of bob’s life.

The Cause of Dorothy Jo Gideon Death

Dorothy Jo Gideon was died due to lung cancer and when she died she was on her late 60s. Her death was happened in Los Angeles, California. She was died on October, 1981 struggling for more than six months from the cancer she was on very miserable condition.

Dorothy burial was happened Forest Lawn, Los Angeles, California.

What’s Dorothy Jo Gideon’s net worth?

Dorothy became famous for being a celebrity wife. So, it is pretty difficult to say how much she is actually worth without knowing about her professional life. But we know that her husband Bob has an estimated net worth of around $70 million which is pretty huge.

In fact, his yearly income just keeps on going up. For instance, In 2020 alone, Bob made $10 million. It’s safe to say that Bob Barker makes a lot of money and lives a lavish life.

But Bob has also donated a lot of his earning. Since his wife was an Animal rights activist, Bob donates to the activist group called Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. In addition, he has also donated around 3 million to PETA and helped them build their headquarters.

The PETA headquarter is actually called the Bob Barker Building. In the year 2014, Bob spent around $700,000 to move 3 elephants from a zoo to a wildlife reserve. So, you can see that Bob has continued Dorothy’s love for animals by being a charitable person.

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