Who is Dominique Sachse’s husband, Nick Florescu?

Dominique Sachse and Nick Florescu

Dominique Sachse is a social media Influencer, YouTuber, author, Journalist, and former KPRC 2 anchor who has been ever-present on the YouTube scene while rumors circle around claiming that she has had a divorce from her husband.

She is best known as an amazing Journalist who paved the path for female journalists. She worked for over 30 years at the KPRC 2 and covered many important issues over time that made her shoot up in ranks. Currently, she is active on various social media platforms like YouTube and spreads awareness among the people with its help.

Even though she is quite an amazing person, we will be talking about her current husband in this article. So, let’s get started.

Who is Dominique Sachse’s husband?

Dominique Sachse is currently in a marriage relationship with her husband Nick Florescu. He was born on 31st October 1953 in the United States and he belongs to Romanian ancestry. He is not just famous because of his wife as he has built his own business empire. According to his birthdate, he is 68 years old and his zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Not much is known about his family background and about his early life as he likes to keep it under the wraps for media and the Internet.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he is the president and founder of both advertising and marketing company Centrade USA Inc and hospitality business The Urban Society. He is also the CEO of Kubis Interactive Inc and the co-founder of The Florescu Foundation. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Boston College in 1974.


His career began in the oil energy sector where he traded oil both on the international and domestic market for eighteen years. After that, he founded Centrade USA Inc in 1991 and he has been integrally involved in its growth and development since then.

He had served as managing director of an outdoor billboard company in Romania where he developed the country’s first national billboard network. From the time of the billboard company’s inception in 1995, he managed the company until it got sold to NewsCorp in 2002.

He also founded The Florescu Foundation in 2009, which has been actively involved in helping orphaned and street children in Romania. For the past 10 years, he has also served as the Honorary Consul of Romania in Texas.

Currently, he is heading the expansion of Centrade’s digital online business in Houston as the CEO of Kubis Interactive, Inc. USA. He is quite a smart man to adapt to the changing times to grow the company.

Are they still together?

Recently, she had uploaded an Instagram story to respond to her fans as some wondered why she hadn’t posted of her husband in a while. She has over 305 K followers on her Instagram account and of course many would wonder about her husband as the last time she uploaded a picture of her husband was on the 4th of July. You can watch the post down below.

So to explain about her husband’s absence she said, “Many of you have been asking why you haven’t seen Nick lately. Rest assured, he is fine. Because I have always been transparent with you, I’m asking for space, grace, and privacy as we deal with some issues.”

About their Relationship

From the way she explained to her fans about her fans, some false rumors are spreading that claim that they are divorced.  But no need to worry because even though they have some issues their marriage is quite safe and they are enjoying their marital bliss.

They had met each other in January 2012 when Nick was already divorced by that time. The couple met each other during the kick-off party for Houston Community College. Sachse and her mother were having brunch on the balcony of Cafe  Annie with the host of the event, Monsour Taghdisi.

Everyone had left but Nick stayed behind and communicated with Sachse’s mom. His amicable of communicating with Sachse’s mother Audrey Toll might be the reason they became a couple.

They once again met each other at a pool party that was hosted by the same person who hosted the kick-off party. But this time they had developed feelings for each other as they had a long walk near the poolside and had a long conversation.

They decided to walk down the aisle within three months of knowing each other. Both the couples had similar experiences so it might be the reason why they became closer in such a short time.

However, it has been revealed that both of them have divorced their previous partners and it is their second marriage. As both of them haven’t revealed much about their previous partners so some might be even surprised to know about their divorce. Even though not much is known about their past relationship, what we know is that Nick has five children from his first wife and Sachse also has a son from her first marriage.

Who is his first wife?

As stated above, he has kept his previous relationship under the wraps from media and the Internet so not much is known about his first wife. His current wife Sachse is also secretive about her first husband. They have made sure not to reveal the name of their exes as the couple regards the privacy of their family members.

But he has five children with his first wife and their names are Bella, Nicky, Elle, Ava, and Alex. By observing the age of his youngest child with his first wife we can say that he had married his marriage with his first one was quite an old one because their youngest child Alex is in his late 20s now.


It has been reported quite recently, that Nick had been involved in a terrible accident. The accident occurred when he was trying to clean the swimming pool with his children. He had an unfortunate slip and fall with his face to the ground and immediately his nose was broken. When he was taken to the hospital after the terrible accident, it was found that he had broken the three fingers in his right hand along with the nose.

It was quite an unfortunate accident but no need to worry as his wife has revealed that he is doing much better and has been released out of the hospital while still recovering from the injuries.

Net Worth

It is revealed that his net worth is about USD 10 million. He is able to earn such a large sum of money because of his successful career. His wife also earns a lot of money as her estimated net worth is about USD 5.5 million and she earns about USD 55 thousand per year. She also earns a lot of money through her millions of subscribers on YouTube. So we can guess that the couple must be living quite a lavish and comfortable life.

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