Does Tom Cruise Wear Dentures?

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is known for his killer smile. He is probably one of the most handsome people in Hollywood and everything about the actor is breathtaking. It is quite impossible to not admire Cruise’s perfectly sized and healthy teeth. But Is there anything behind these perfect teeth? Or Is it all-natural? Well, there is something behind it and today we are going to be taking a look at it.

Does Tom Cruise Wear Dentures?

The answer is No. Tom Cruise does not wear any kind of Dentures. But then, how does he have such a good set of teeth? Simple, he has some work done on the teeth for it. Tom used to wear Porcelain and Braces to get that perfect smile. We are going to provide you with the history of his teeth in this article.

Tom Cruise’s past with his Teeth

Celebrities are celebrities because they work on their image more than anything else. And their face is their asset so, taking care of it is their prime job. They also have more choices than average people so, they can really afford to get cosmetic help to improve their appearance.

When he was starting in the industry, Tom Cruise had yellow teeth that were chipped too. It was a really messy set of teeth which he got fixed later.

A lot of people have a hard time believing it but it is very true. If you watch his older movies, you can see the uni-tooth that kind of had an effect on his smile. This tooth single-handedly could have ruined his whole career so, he had to fix it. Tom started taking care of it once he had some decent amount of money in the bank and over the years, we have seen improvements. Now, he has almost perfect teeth.

Where can you see his older teeth?

If you have seen the older Tom Cruise movies, you probably have noticed it. The movie “The Outriders” had a really great Tom Cruise performance but his smile in that movie was not really charming. It was pretty bad. His teeth became better as the years went on. Over the years, he took much help from dentists to fix it. If you saw The Outriders where Tom plays the role of Steve Randel, he capped the front of his chipped tooth.  He did it to hide it but the teeth were still noticeable.

How did he fix the Teeth?

In 2002, the movie star Tom went all out to get braces. You can spot him grinning with a brace in one of the interviews he did earlier. He displays the tooth with confidence there and smiles at the media when he talks.

The invisible brackets that Tom wore soon became fashionable and Tom appeared with them constantly. People even started approaching Cruise on fixing teeth and how to resolve the issue of having chipped teeth. The whole dental industry even looked cool because Tom promoted the whole shebang.

We mentioned that Tom Cruise had yellow teeth and that is not a lie. He actually went for a cosmetic dental procedure to remove the plaque from his yellow teeth.  People can’t keep their teeth white as they age so, Tom kind of went for the dental veneers which are custom shells that cover the surface of the teeth and doesn’t let the plaque build-up. This procedure can transform any yellow color teeth into a White color.
The transformation of his teeth’ color is significant. He used to have an incredibly yellow color and it can get transformed into white color because of all the veneers. In the 80s, he had really bad teeth but right now, Tom has significantly better teeth.

Right now, Tom Cruise does not wear any dentures but he does care a lot about the way his teeth look. We can all be really admiring of the way he handled his chipped tooth though. He also had the confidence to pose with braces on which is a  great thing overall.
Tom has always pushed this message consistently and passively across to his fans. All of these things make him one of the most likable celebrities that Hollywood has right now. So, coming back to the question. The answer is  No, Tom doesn’t have dentures currently but he did take help of the modern dental science in the past.

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