Does Cardi B Speak Spanish?

Cardi B

Cardi B became famous for being a trendy rapper. She set trends all over the world and became a viral sensation in no time. The star has been around for a long time now and she also has some really great albums released.

But one question that many fans have in mind is, Does Cardi B speak Spanish? Well, let us answer that question now. But before we do, a short bio on Cardi B first.

Cardi B Biography

Cardi B’s real name is Belacalis Marlenis Almanzar. She was born in 1992 and her stage name is Cardi B. She was raised in the Highbridge neighbour hood of the Southern part of the Bronx. She spent her time at her paternal grandmother’s home in Washington heights. This is why her accent is so thick.

Her name Cardi B comes from the word Bacardi, a rum brand. She was a gang member and was a part of the Bloods in her youth.  She went to the High school for Musical Theater on the Herbert H Lehman High School.

Cardi B is an American songwriter, rapper and she has also acted in some roles. Her hometown is Manhattan and she was raised the Bronx area in New York City. Cardi became an internet celebrity by becoming popular on Vine and Instagram.

From the year 2015 to 2017,  she appeared regularly as a cast member on VH1 reality TV show Love and Hip Hop: New York. This showed her pursuit of her music aspirations.

Cardi had two mixtapes out before she signed a deal with the label Atlantic Records in early 2017.


Cardi B is recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the most influential female rappers of all time. She is famous for her aggressive flow and impressive lyrics. This has received attention from everywhere.

She is the highest certified rapper on RIAA’s list. And she also appears frequently on other lists by many magazines. Cardi B is is also the only female rapper with 1billion+ streams on Spotify.

She also became the first artist to get to the top of first Billboard Global 200 list. In addition to streams, album sales and internet clout, she also has a lot of awards. She got a Grammy for Album of the Year.

Cardi B also has 8 Billboard Music Awards and 5 Guinness World Records. In addition, she bagged a total of 11 BET HipHop Awards, 2 ASCAP songwriter of the year award and more.

In 2018, Time magazine included her on their list of 100 most influential people in the world. Similarly, She got the Woman of the Year award in 2020.

Does Cardi B speak English?

Yes. Spanish is Cardi B’s first language. Her parents were West Indians. Cardi’s father was Dominican while her mother was from Trinidad. And they spoke Spanish in their home.

Cardi B actually worries about her English. She says that she sometimes gets the grammar wrong in her English Raps. She is fluent in her Spanish though. Cardi has spent hours in interviews conversating in perfect Spanish.

In 2017, She did an entire interview in Spanish with a radio in NYC.

Does Cardi B has any spanish songs?

We know that Cardi B became famous after dropping her smash hit English track named “Bodak Yellow.” She also has performed the song in Spanish though.

But her first real crossover to the Latin or Spanish music scene was the 2017 remix if the song “Ahora Dice” by Chris Jeday.

As we mentioned, Cardi also turned her first real hit “Bodak Yellow” Spanish. The latin remix of the song was released in 2017. She managed to get the Dominican rapper Messiah on the track for that remix.

The Latin version of the song “Bodak Yellow” was translated to Spanish. She also used her phrases in English as well as Spanish while making the switch. The lyrics was translated perfectly. No meaning was really lost.

Cardi B has showed that her spit game is strong in both the languages. She has incredible flow in both Spanish and English. Messiah also does a really good job in the Latin collab that we spoke about earlier.

Does Cardi B has any Latin American awards?

Cardi B’s spanish songs not only were mega hits but they also got notable awards and recognitions. The Spanish-speaking music community has given her a lot of recognitions.

El Premio ASCAP named ‘I like it’ won the Song of the Year from Billboard. Similarly, Taki Taki won the Song of the year in 2019 at the Latin American Music Awards. The song also got the Best Crossover collaboration of the year from lo Nuestro Awards.

Apart from Spanish hits, the Spanish-speaking community loves Cardi B herself as well. She won Star of the Year in 2018 from People en Espanol magazine.

Cardi B’s main fans are the young people though. She won the Best Breakout Artist at the 2018 Premios Juventud, a Spanish Award show from Univision.

Cardi B also bagged the Best Latin Female Artist of the year at the Latin Music Italian Awards. All of these awards from the Latin Music Scene speak volume on the kind of artist Cardi is. She has been a top celebrity for many years now and despite having most of her songs in English, she is still an influential person in the Latin music scene.

Cardi B also frequently interacts with her Spanish speaking fans all over the internet. She speaks flawlessly in Spanish and has interacted online on Instagram Live with her fans on the language.

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