Does Adele Smoke? Let’s Find Out!


Adele is known worldwide for her very incredible voice, performances, and her music. She is one of the best-selling musicians in the world and we love her voice. But Does she have a smoking habit? Well, let us find out.

Does Adele Smoke?

Yes. Adele used to be a really huge smoker. She began smoking from her teenage high school years and she continued this habit till she was old. But later she gave up smoking. She decided to say Not to smoke in 2011. This was because of surgery. She had surgery for her vocal cord in 2011 and that made it impossible for her to smoke. She had a serious case of Laryngitis and the surgery was removed it. But What was her experience and are there any other singers who smoke? Well, we are going to answer all of these questions but first, let us see a quick biography of Adele.

A Short Biography of Adele


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Adele Laurie Blue Adkins was born in the year 1988. She is an English singer and songwriter. She was born in the Tottenham district of London to mother Penny and father Marc. Her father left her mother when she was two so, she was primarily raised by her mother. Her singing career actually started at age 4 and she became obsessed with it.

She later moved to Brighton with her mother where her mother got a job as a carpenter. She went to the local high school and later graduated from the BRIT School.

Adele first got signed in 2006 with XL Recordings. A year later, she got the  Brit Awards and even won the BBC Sound of 2008 poll. Her debut album titled 19 was released in the year 2008. Right now, that album is an 8 times Platinum in the UK. Crazy, right? Even in America, the album went Triple Platinum. The album had really heartfelt songs that she wrote when she was a teenager. She made her first appearance on American TV on Saturday Night Live in 2008. She got the award for best new artist and best female pop vocal in the 2008 Grammy.

Her real success came with her sophomore album though. The album was titled “21” and it sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. This made it the best-selling album of the 21st century. The success of 21 made Adele win many Guinness Records and she became the first female singer to have her songs in the Billboard Top Ten Singles chart. Her smash hits Rolling in the Deep, Someone Like you, and Set Fire to the Rain dominated the charts for a long period of time.

Adele’s Experience with Smoking, Why did she quit?

We know that Adele quit the bad habit of smoking in 2011 because of her surgery right but what was her experience? Was it that serious? Well yes. She admitted in an interview that she used to smoke an average of 25 cigarettes a day before her surgery.

This was a serious issue for her. She had been smoking for a long time and it was really difficult for her to give up this habit. Even after her surgery, it became difficult for her. She was even caught smoking a couple of times because of how addictive the habit was.

The singer had frequent Laryngitis and this was the reason why surgery was important. After quitting smoking, Adele made a shocking revelation. She said that without cigarettes, her voice had become weaker. We will explore the effects of smoking on singers later in the article.

Anyway, She did fear for her life and the long-term general effect of smoking too much. In addition, she had a son and that was her main reason to quit smoking. She said that she wanted her son to be in a safe environment and smoking was no longer an option for her.

Are there any other singers who Smoke?

Adele said that her voice had become weaker because she stopped smoking. So, Do all musicians and singers have this habit of smoking? Well, there are quite a few singers who actually smoke.

Bruno Mars is an example. Even Adele has mentioned Bruno and said that he smokes a lot of cigarettes in a day and this is the reason why he has such a powerful voice.

Another heavy-smoking singer is Zayn Malik. The former One Direction member has frequently posted his photos of smoking on his Instagram. Fans have even rallied to stop Zayn from posting these pictures but it doesn’t seem likely that Zayn will stop smoking anytime soon.

Other singers that smoke includes Selena Gomez. She actually started smoking pretty late. She had to play smokers in a movie and because of this reason, the habit build and now she cannot really live without it.

Aside from these three, there are many other celebrities who smoke. Notable names include Lana Del Rey, Ed Sheeran, and Katy Perry.

What are the effects of smoking on singers?


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First of all, Smoking is a really bad habit in general. And the effects can range from very mild occasional coughs to major illnesses such as lung cancer.  But in singers especially, one of the biggest effects of smoking is the reduced capacity of the lung.

Air is important for singers who sing with their bellies. And if the lungs don’t have air support, they will not be able to hold notes for a longer period of time.

Another big issue is obviously the cough. Smokers have a real condition of Cough that is the result of damage to the lungs and the cough builds up because of all the tar.  The mucus in the throat is a major problem when a singer has to perform live.

One positive aspect of smoking to singers is that the smokers have a really raspy voice. This is because of the swollen vocal cords. This makes their voice pretty hoarse and it sounds great most of the time.

Still, Smoking is a dangerous habit that is really not worth it. The cons outweigh the pros so, do not follow Adele! Even if you want to become a singer, don’t start smoking.

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