Who is Arnett Simmons? She Used to Abuse DMX

Arnett Simmons DMX

DMX was one of the most influential rappers of all time. He died just recently this year. After being on life support after his heart attack, millions of fans were praying for a miracle but he couldn’t make it. The rapper’s manager named Steve Rifkind told TMZ news that DMX’s condition did not get better but the rapper was joined by his mother Arnet Simmons after getting hospitalized.

DMX’s entire family was present in the hospital. The rapper has 15 children in total and he was hospitalized after an overdose that happened on the second of April this year. The decision to turn off his life support lay with Arnett, DMX’s mother. After seeing her son suffer for a long time, she finally decided to pull the plug off, and now, DMX is deceased but Who exactly is his mother? Let us find out!

Who is Arnett Simmons?

Arnett Simmons was only a teenager (19 years old) when she gave birth to her son DMX (Real name Earl Simmons). Arnett also had a 2-year-old daughter named Bonita when she had the rapper. She then had another daughter named Shayla. After Shayla, Arnett gave birth to two more stillborn sons.

Arnett and Joe Barker had DMX. Joe is DMX’s father who was just 18 when he had the child. Joe did not want the baby and after Earl was born, he split rather quickly. Leaving the single mom to attend to his child,

DMX was a troubled child. He had Bronchial Asthma, a disease that caused him many troubles. He also got hit by a drunk driver when he was young. This led to minor injuries and he could have gotten a hefty compensation but Arnett refused to open a case.

DMX’s mother physically abused him


DMX’s autobiography is titled ‘E.A.R.L’ where he says that Arnett used to physically abuse him and she would bear Ear so much that he even had minor injuries, bruises, and ended up losing his teeth. At the age of 14, DMX wandered off to the streets to escape the abuse at home. He was friends with Stray Dogs and felt good with them. He did all this to avoid his mother’s beatings.

When Arnett found out about this fact, She sent DMX to a boys’ group home where Earl found his love for Hip-Hop music. He changed his name to DMX and then started to rap!

Relationship with his mother before his Death

DMX might have found himself while trying to escape his mother, the two’s relationship got better over the years. DMX even said that he loved his mom and he was himself recovering from drug abuse. He even appeared in a reality TV show where the rapper reunited with his mother. After many years, the rapper said that he had forgiven his mother.

When he was asked about the violence that his mother put him through, DMX replied along the lines that her mother is not the same person and she was just 20 when she had him so, DMX thinks that she might not have handled him properly. DMX could finally understand his mother and they had a good relationship before DMX died this year.

His exact answer was, “That doesn’t mean I don’t love her. That doesn’t mean she’s the same person. Children don’t come with a f**king instruction manual. She was 20 when she had me. Four sisters; I’m the only boy. Maybe she didn’t know what to do with me. I found out I just knew things that she didn’t know when I was only six years old.”

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