Who Is DMX’s Daughter Praise Mary Ella Simmons?

praise mary ella simmons

Earl Simmons better known by his stage name DMX was a famous American rapper and actor. He got into the music industry in 1984 when he was only 14 years old but he was a beatboxer at the time later he got imprisoned for stealing and he started writing rap in prison.

Later he started recording and selling mixtapes he has given great hip-hop songs including Party Up, Lord Give Me a Sign, Get It On The Floor, Here We Go Again, How’s It Goin’ Down, Stop Being Greedy, Ready to Meet Him, Bring Your Whole Crew, and many others.

In this piece, we will be talking about Praise Mary Ella Simmons who is the daughter of DMX. Read the full article to know about Praise’s life, education, family, and other details.

Short Biography of Praise Mary Ella Simmons


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Praise was born on April 18, 2005, in New York, to DMX and Tashera Simmons, and she grew up with her parents and siblings Xavier, Tacoma, and Sean. There is not much information available about her educational background but as per the report, she went to some hometown high school in New York and graduated in 2019.

She is currently 16 years old and she holds an American nationality. Other than her siblings she also has half-siblings brother and sister named Exodus and Aaliyah Haughton. Both Exodus and Aaliyah are from DMX’s other relationship.

Praise’s Father DMX Died in 2021

DMX is considered one of the great rappers but he was a drug addict as he started taking drugs at a very young age. So how did he die?

Well, as mentioned DMX started taking drugs at a young age, and due to cocaine overdose he suffered a heart attack and had to get hospitalized where he spent about a week but sadly his health did not improve a bit but he lost function of his lung, liver, and kidneys, reports also suggest he also had brain failure.

After losing functionality on essential organs on April 9, 2021, he died. Later officials confirmed that he died because cocaine-induced heart attack.

Her Siblings Are Doing Well

All of her siblings are doing really in their respective industries, as for her brother Tacoma, he is a music composer and also the manager of the Guitar Center.

We don’t know about Xavier but he was an employee at The Ball Factory and Sean is the boss of Red Lobster as per our information.

Does Praise Have a Boyfriend?

There is not much information available about her dating or love life so we don’t know if she is dating someone or not but reports suggest that she is currently single.

She currently has 18.5k followers on her Instagram and it seems that she is into fashion and modeling but there is no information on what she does but I think she is currently studying.

How Much Does She Earn? (Her Net Worth)

As mentioned we don’t know what she does or what her income source is so we don’t know how much she earns or how much her net worth is but on the other hand her father DMX was a successful rapper and actor and before his death, it was said that the rapper has a net worth of at least $10 million.

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