Did Eminem create a diss track on Amber Heard?

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A few weeks ago an American actor Johnny Deep won the defamation case against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. However, fans have not forgotten about the case and they all have been criticizing Amber. Now what has grabbed the attention of everyone is a song titled “Amber” which is going viral on every social media platform.

The song was first released on YouTube and it said that the song is from hip hop legend Eminem. Everyone is convinced that it is a diss track for Amber Heard from Eminem and they have been talking about this track day and night on the internet. But there is no connection between rap god and Amber so did Eminem actually release a diss track or not?

Did Eminem write and create a diss track on Amber Heard?

Fans are going crazy thinking that Eminem has now spoken about Deep and Heard’s case and supported Deep with a diss track for Amber. However, Eminem has never spoken anything on that matter. He has not taken anyone’s side and has kept his distance from the case.

Did Eminem write this diss track? no, it is not Eminem who wrote or sang this diss track about Amber. As far as we know it is written and sung by a YouTuber who is known as Lil Byte. He is the same guy who uploaded the song and if we go to his about page we can find that he has written, “I create EMINEM songs by synthesizing his voice. everything you hear in my music has been created by me. from time to time I might try out other artists.”

As we can see it was not Eminem who dissed Amber Heard but it was Lil Byte who sang it in Eminem’s voice and also uploaded the diss track on his official YouTube channel.

Moreover, it seems that Eminem has already worked on his new songs. On January 28 he uploaded a post and mentioned in the caption, “You ain’t harmin’ a thing / I hit a ding hard as I’m gonna swing” Premiering 2nite on onepeloton!”

Amber Heard diss track lyrics

As mentioned Lil Byte uploaded and released a video on his YouTube channel on June 11 that went viral all over the internet. The lyrics of the song go,

“Sorry misheard so I guess to her death deaf sh*t/ let’s pander Amber’s a*s and smack a matras at the stand for her/ cause flat out she can’t manage to have an answer/that hasn’t had her lying.”

Furthermore, the lyrics also mention, “As a character having mastered the act of commanding gallons of water in Aquaman/ had the masses laughing afterword/ cause stands understand that on the stand as it stands/ Amber Heard hasn’t jerked a single tear.”

Billie Eilish performed her unreleased song on her UK tour

During Eilish’s UK tour she performed her unreleased song for her fans where she referenced Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Deep. As per the sources, her unreleased song is named “TV”

And referencing Deep she wrote in the song’s lyrics, “The internet’s gone crazy watching Hollywood stars on trial / While they’re reversing Roe v. Wade,” and fans believe that “Hollywood stars on trial” is a reference to Deep and Heard’s libel case.

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