Who is Chuck Norris’ Ex-wife, Dianne Holechek?

Dianne Holechek

Dianne Holechek was famous for being a famous veteran actor Chuck Norris’s ex-wife.

We all know Chuck Norris he is a famous Hollywood actor and mixed martial artist, film producer, and screenwriter. He has been acting for a long-run television program called Texas Ranger and Walker. We can also see him in the famous movies The Expendables 2, Delta Force 2, The Hitman, and many more.

Chuck Norris is very talented and also a legend who work with many unforgettable actors like Bruce Lee throughout his career. There are lots of cool things and facts about Chuck Norris but let’s find out about her ex-wife Diane Holechek.

Who is Dianne Holechek?

Dianne Holechek was born in Los Angeles in 1941. She finished her schooling from Torrance High School based in California from where she met her future husband.

Chuck Norris and Dianne Holechek were childhood friends and they got to know each other from a young age.

They both get married in December 1958 when she was just 17 years old at the time. After their marriage, the couple was blessed with two sons named Michael Norris and Eric Norris.

Holecheck is now grandmother of seven children from her sons. We hope she spends her happy time playing with her grandchildren. As Dianne was married at an early age, it benefitted her and she got to see her grandchildren quite early.

In terms of Chuck Norris, he is the grandfather of 13 total children from his different weddings!

Her career as a Model

Dianne is also a veteran Hollywood actress and already worked in the entertainment industry. She was also a part of some modeling project at the time and in a series named Hollywood 84.

Dianne got her first series in Hollywood in the year 1984. It was a really low profile role and the movie was honestly a serious flop. But she did manage to work later on with other popular stars like Liza Minelli, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and even Steven Spielberg.

Holechek was not really successful in her career but being Chuck Norris’s wife, she became famous.


dianne holecheck and norris

Their divorce was big news because living together for more than three decades they planned to separate from each other. Living together for many years Holechek and Norris both agreed to divorce on November 28, 1998, and Chuck Norris married Gena O’Kelley who was a former model. Gena O’Kelley is 23 years younger than Chuck Norris.

Reason For Their Spit

We all know that Dianne was a big supporter for this guy but the split of this couple is what we never imagined this way.

Chuck was found doing romance with a woman named Johanna and the couple even have a daughter Dina Norris.

Later he romanced with Gena which was also the reason for divorce, Dianne Holecheck found that her husband is in relation to another girl Gena, and she was so heartbroken planned to divorce.

But some sources believe that Chuck was very frustrated from personal as well as professional life which lead to their split.

What is Dianne Holechek’s Net Worth?

We believe that she made a good amount of money on her career time but not only in her career time but she might also have got a good sum at the time of divorce. Since, her ex-husband, Chuck Norris has a net worth of $70 Million.

Who is Chuck Norris’ son, Dakota Alan Norris?

Who is Chuck Norris’; daughter, Danilee Kelly Norris?

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