All About Robert Herjavec Ex-Wife – Diane Plese (Biography, Net Worth)

Diane Plese
Date of Birth 1959
Profession Optometrist
Height 5.5 Inches
Ex-Husband Robert Herjavec
Net Worth $25 million

Diane Plese is an American Optometrist doctor but she came in limelight because of being ex-wife of Robert Herjavec. He is a Canadian businessman, investor and a television personality.

Who is Diane Plese?

Diane Plese was born in 1959, and her birthplace was Parkdale, Toronto. As we already mention she is a doctor and her field is Optometrist.

There is no any detailed information has published on internet about her past life, family or about her siblings.

Her height is unknown to the media, but looking on various photos of her we can assume that her height is around 5 feet 5 inch. She has a blonde hair and black color eye.

She was born in Canada and she spent a most of her childhood over there. She followed her journey to became a doctor.

And if she had never married to Robert Herjavec, than we would never know about her or any little information about related to her life.

She is also one of the popular optometrist, and she well-known for her work as well. After her parents and she moved to USA from Canada, she started to work on eye hospital.

There is also interesting love story of this couple.

Patient Became Husband

Robert Herjavec met his ex-wife for the first time in 1988, when he was having some problem with his eye and went to eye clinic.

Plese told with National Post that, she was attracted towards the Robert on a first sight.

So, they started to date and start to know each other in detail, from where their relationship started. When this incident was happen at that time, Herjavec was young man who was just 26 years old.

And his career was not even started, nor he was a multi-millionaire and nobody in this world knew about him at that time.

Finally Get Married

Soon after their date, they started to get much close with each other than before and finally decided to get married.

They tied their knot on Croatian Church in Ontario, Canada. According to Weekly, the reason to get married on Croatian Church can be that they both were children of Croatian Immigrants.

After their marriage, this couple were blessed by three children. Their son name is Brendan and they has a two daughter named Skye and Caprice.

Their children details are not much on internet, it looks like that love to keep their children far away from unnecessary attention of media.

Diane Plese and Robert Herjavec Divorce

This couple started their journey when they were not so much successful, but their journey ended when they both were very successful on their own fields.

Maybe money or fame can never build a strong relation, but the understanding between each other plays important role on a marriage couple life.

Their relationship turned into rotten tomatoes in 2014, when this couple started to live separately. At this time, Plese denied many times saying that they were not separated.

Later she confessed that they were living separately, anyway she has not told the reason about their separation nor Robert has ever confessed it.


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After a year Diane Plese filled a case for divorce in 2015 after 26 years of marriage life and it happened by 2016. Herjavec said to People’s Magazine that they both were very good parents.

Rumors of their Divorce

When they divorced, this couple never confessed anything about the reason of divorce. So, the reason of it has never been revealed nor we can give any exact answer about it.

Anyway, there are lots of rumors about Robert Herjavec behaviors stating that he used to have affair with another woman.

As soon as, the divorce happened he married with an Australian dancer named Kym Johnson, but can just be a rumor or haters of Robert might have spread this false news.

From the report of Toronto Sun, they claimed that Herjavec had a affair with American actress Danielle Vasinova from 2013 to 2015. This was also the same year when they were living separately.

After divorce, Robert was suffered with depression and he even try to commit suicide at some point because his children were not talking with him for some moment.

Diane Plese Received Millions After Divorce

After the divorce, Herjavec was ordered to pay $125,000 monthly for her and their children education as well as for life support.

The judge also said that he must pay $25 million as part of the divorce fine for Diane. But who cares, at the time Robert had a net worth of $200 million and it is increasing continuously, thanks to his business.

So, we can easily say that Diane is living very luxurious life because the amount she got monthly is very much enough to live a comfortable as well as luxury life in any part of the world.

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