Who is Devin Booker’s mother, Veronica Gutierrez?

veronica gutierrez

Veronica Gutierrez is a famous cosmetologist. She is well known for being the mother of the American basketball player Devin Brooker. Devin currently plays for the Phoenix Suns in the NBA. He is the youngest NBA player to score 50 points in consecutive games. Veronica’s life story is searched massively by the fans of the Phoenix Suns. Fans of Devin Brooker also want to know more about his mother. So, today we bring you this article.

Veronica Gutierrez’s Relationship with Devin Booker

Veronica became famous when her son got drafted to the NBA. Devin became the 13th Overall Pick and he was picked by the Phoenix Suns in the first round of the 2015 NBA draft.

Booker has become a pretty huge success as a basketball player in a very short time. Just 2 years after he joined the sons, he started to show his value. Booker scored more than 60 points in a game. He also became the youngest ever player to score more than 50 points in a game. He achieved this feat in 2019. It was the same year he became an NBA all-star.

All this success did not really impact his relationship with his mother Veronica though. The two actually have gotten closer and this can be seen in Social Media. Devin shares his mother;’s photos and thinks highly of her. He has also expressed his feelings towards his mother Veronica and what she means to him in these photos.

Veronica Gutierrez’s three children

Veronica has a total of three children. They are Devin Brooker, Davon Wade, and Mya Powell. Devon was the oldest of the three children and he was born on February 17, 1993. Unfortunately, she has not really revealed the details on who actually the father of Davon is.

Her second kid was Devin and he was born on October 30 in 1996. He was born in Grand Rapids and his father is Melvin Booker. Mya is the youngest child in the family and she is the sister of Devin. Mya was born in the year 2000 which makes her 21 years of age.

She also has a great relationship with all of her children and they are all quite successful in their own careers.

Relationship With Melvin Booker

Devin’s father is Melvin and he was in a relationship with Veronica for a long time. The two actually did not get married though. It was because of their busy schedules. The two just focused on staying single and committed to work. Melvin is a former pro basketball player so, he had to be on the road constantly and this made it impossible for the two to have a marriage.

Veronica and Melvin had to split their time with both of their parents. Melvin says that he credits Veronica as her best partner as well as a great mother. He appreciates her work for the kids. Melvin even said in an interview that she was the one to encourage Devin to get into basketball and how he missed his children when he was on the road.

Veronica has not really married her partner or boyfriend Melvin, they still share a great relationship together. The pair were together for a very long time. The two met for the first time in the year 1995. It was back when Melvin was playing for the Grand Rapids Mackers in the 1995-96 season of the Canadian Basketball Association (CBA).

Their meeting turned into a  pretty romantic relationship and the two started dating after she became pregnant with Melvin’s child i.e., Devin. Unfortunately, though, things turned pretty sour between the two that eventually led to the split.

Is Veronica Gutierrez Dating Or Single at Present?

After he split from Melvin, Veronica got into a relationship with a new boyfriend. But unfortunately, she never revealed her identity to Veronica. As far as the relationship status of 2021 is concerned, things are a bit unclear as of now. There is also no proper information on whether she is married to anyone or not. For now, she is single.

Veronica is a Mexican-American

veronica gutierrez with her son

A lot of people don’t know this but Veronica is actually a Mexican-American. She is of Puerto Rican descent and was born in the country of Puerto Rico. Her father is from Los Nogales which is a small town near Texas.

Despite being Mexican, Veronica has strayed quite away from her culture. It must be unintentional. Her son has said the only time Veronica came close to her Latin American heritage was when she arrived in Phoenix back in 2015. This was shortly after he started playing for the University of Kentucky.

Veronica Is Not On Social Media

Despite being the famous mother of a big NBA star, Veronica has not really been that public. Her social media is also very scarce. She hasn’t really been on any major Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other. It loos she does not enjoy the attention. Over the years, her media appearances have also gone down and she is not really in the Sports World.

How Much Is Veronica Gutierrez’s Net Worth?

A Cosmetologist and a mother of a successful NBA player, Veronica enjoys almost all the luxuries in the world. She lives a very good life and is incredibly wealthy as well. Her worth exceeds over $2 million dollars. Her son was one of the highest-earning athletes in the world as of 2020. His net worth is estimated to be around $26.6 million, This was estimate as per Forbes.

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