Desiree Washington Accused Mike Tyson for Raping Her

Desiree Washington

Desiree Washington is a very important individual in Pop Culture. She was a model and even won the title of Miss Black Rhode Island. But this wasn’t what she is famous for. Desiree is famous for being a rape victim of the famous boxer Mike Tyson. If the allegations are true, Desiree was raped by Mike in a hotel room in Indianapolis.

Desiree filed police complained and then testified in court against Tyson. She is still criticized that she went to Tyson’s room that night. While the full magnitude of the situation is still very confusing as both parties have their version of what happened that night, it was nonetheless a very high-profile case.

Desiree Washington’s Early Life

Desiree is 47 years old. She was born in the year 1973. At the time when the incident with Mike Tyson happened, she was 18.

Desiree grew up in New York, Rhode Island to be exact. She grew up with her three siblings. Her parents are Donald and Mary Washington. She went to Coventry High School and got through high school with great grades. In-School, She was a pleasant and extremely outgoing person who had a big interest in modeling. Ever since a child, she modeled. And then she went on to Providence College. Desiree majored in Psychology from this college. She had a bright future ahead of her but a tragedy of sorts happened to her.

Her parents got divorced and then her siblings had quite a difficult time at school. This was a very bad moment in her childhood. One that would eventually be overtaken by another bad moment when Mike Tyson allegedly raped her! Let us get into that story now.

Desiree Washington and Mike Tyson

The famous heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson got arrested in 1991for raping the 18-year-old model Desiree Washington. The incident took place in a hotel room in the city of Indianapolis. The former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was sentenced to 6 years of prison. Tyson still claimed that he was innocent of this.

But he did have to serve half of his sentence. His former manager said that the former boxer was behind bars for three long years and during this time, Mike still had a number of female visitors. There were actually women lined up to see the celebrity fighter in Prison. He was that popular.

Tyson claimed that he did not rape Desiree but he had sex with a lot of people even in Prison. Tyson actually sent $10,000 to a drug counselor in prison who became available after getting the money! He has always been a playboy who pays women to have sex with him so, he said that he never raped Desiree.

Tyson was sentenced to prison

As we mentioned, Tyson was convicted for the rape charge and was sentenced to 6 years of prison. He went to the Indiana Youth Center (which is now a correctional facility). After serving nearly 3 years in prison, Tyson got released from jail. Tyson was also told by the judge to register as a Tier II sex offender under federal law.

Desiree Washington’s interview with Barbara Walters

One year after the incident, Desiree did an interview with Barbara Walters to tell her story. She said that the incident left her shook and she became an introvert after it. Desiree claimed to be a very outgoing person but after that horrible nightmare, she just could not leave the corner of her bed. She was a very innocent person according to her and that kindness decreased in her after this as now, she vows to never get hurt again.

Washington blamed a lot of people but she also blamed herself for putting herself in front of a person who is quite violent. Desiree also claimed that the Mike Tyson team promised to give her a million dollars if she was willing to drop all the charges.

She also finds it very difficult to digest that people have created stories and opinions about her without knowing the actual person.

Where is Desiree Right now?

Sadly, we don’t know. The former model might be living a life outside of media and living it low-key. She never returned to the spotlight again and right now, nothing really is known about her life. Desiree did get a lot of criticism and backlash from Mike Tyson’s fans and even media back in the ’90s.

How much is Desiree Washington worth?

We know that Tyson was sentenced to six years of jail. This jail period got suspended after 3 years and Tyson was released on parole for showing good behavior. But this meant that he needed to pay a big amount of legal fees to Desiree. So, he paid around $30,000 in fees. We guess this amount was given to Desiree. In addition to this, Tyson was required to pay another big sum of $150,000 to the Local Criminal Justice System.

Anyway, how much is Desiree worth then? We guess that her total net worth is somewhere in the $50,000 dollar mark.

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