Who Is Dennis Rodman’s ex-wife Annie Bakes?

Annie Bakes

Annie Bakes is an American model and she is famous not due to her body, but because of her relationship with NBA player Dennis Rodman.

This couple was together for almost some years and with the relationship this couple, they also welcomed a baby girl whose name is Alexis Rodman.

The real name of Annie Bakes is Anicka K Rodman and her birthdate was 1965, in California. In her family there was no dad, so she was raised by her single mother which was really a hard struggle.

Annie Bakes rose to fame because she is the ex-wife of the popular National Basketball Association (NBA) player Dennis Keith Rodman. Furthermore, Annie is also a former adult model. As per the reports, she was 16 when she started modeling for various modeling agencies.

After their divorce, Annie started living a private life away from all the media and public so there is not much information about her and her whereabouts. So what is she doing nowadays? we will find out in this article. Furthermore, in this piece, you will find everything you need to know about Dennis Rodman’s ex-wife Annie Bakes.

How old is Annie Bakes?

Annie is also known as Anicka K Rodman, she was born on January 31, 1965, in California, United States. That means she currently is 57 years old and her zodiac sign is Aquarius. As per the reports, she grew up in Sacramento and was raised by her single mother.

Growing up she did not have any close friends and you may wonder why it is because she used to move from one place to other. Moreover, she had a quite hard life growing up obviously because she was raised by a single mother and on top of that her mother was suffering from obesity.

It was really hard for them as her mother used to clean Annie’s friend’s houses to earn some money. Unfortunately other than that we don’t have any information on her family and her educational background.

Why did Annie run from her house?

Annie Bakes and dennis rodman

According to the sources, Annie did not have a great relationship with her mother and she was really insecure. She wanted to leave everything and start a new life of her own so when she was 16 she ran from her house and tried to make a career in modeling, and she also find a modeling agency willing to take her in.

She then started her career as a model. At first, she used to model for print commercials, and as she went on she also modeled for various swimwear as well as lingerie brands. However, it was really hard for her to make a decent living so she also started working as an adult model. Furthermore, she also worked as a hostess in nightclubs.

Sadly, she could not continue her modeling career because she got into a horrible accident that left scars all over her body.

Annie Bakes became a model

Bakes run away from the house and also left her mom, just to pursue her dream and to become a model. As we mentioned already, her relationship with her mom was not so great and she used to hate her mom so, it was never so hard to leave her mother.

Due to her tragic childhood which was passed down on obstacles, depression, anxiety, and many other problems she wanted to start her new life. So, at the young age of 16, she decided to run away from the house and she even did as she decided, the main reason to leave the house was to pursue her dream and career in modeling.

Anyway, the good thing is her struggle work out she became a model and also started to earn a fair amount of money and she became a model at a very young age as well.

She also did many side jobs besides this to push her career in modeling.

Annie Bakes and Dennis Rodman

While Annie was working at the nightclub, there was Dennis Rodman as well and this was a time in 1987, Dennis instantly talks her and they instantly fall into romance at the same time as well.

By the year 1986, they planned more for their life and they also started to love together as well. At this time, Dennis’s career was about to boom because he was playing for Detroit Piston and he was doing good as well.

They started to love together and the city, friends, and everything were new for Annie Bakes, she used to survive in poor conditions but due to her husband’s name and fame, she was living on stuff that she always dreamed of.

Due to their relationship, they also welcomed their new baby name Alexis Rodman well and she was born in 1988.

After this, Dennis also bought new land and a house for her wife as well as their daughter in Oakland. The couple did marry after their baby was born, they did marry in 1992.

Annie’s marriage and divorce with Rodman

Annie Bakes and dennis

Sources say that Annie and Rodman first met in 1986, they then started meeting each other quite often, and they fell in love. The two of them were already living together by 1987 and at the time Rodman used to play for Detroit Piston.

They were in so much love with each other and they were already living together so Rodman proposed to Annie. Later in September 1988, the couple welcomed their child  Alexis Rodman. Their love and bond were growing as time passed so they got married on September 28, 1992.

Unfortunately, nobody could see what was really going on exactly but after a year of their marriage in December 1993, the pair divorced. So what was the reason behind their divorce?

We did not know what the reason was behind their divorce but years later their divorce, Annie revealed that her relationship with Rodman was a “living hell” she said that while she was in a relationship with Rodman she became pregnant seven times but she had an abortion four times and miscarried two.

It was not the end, she further said that Rodman gave her various diseases like gonorrhea, chlamydia, body lice, as well as herpes. She also mentioned that she was the victim of domestic violence.

Writing about her experience while she was in a relationship with Rodman she published a book titled ‘Worse Than He Says He is: White Girls Don’t Bounce’ and the interesting thing is that her book was a response to Rodman’s book ‘Bad as I Wanna Be’

A book about her relationship with Rodman

Annie has written a book about her relationship with Rodman, at the time of their marriage Rodman was just on his career started after their divorce Rodman started to climb the peak of success. His team won about three NBA championships, at the time he was playing for Chicago Bulls.

Due to this much popularity, everything about their relationship began to get uncovered and many fans also started to search about their personal marriage life and internal life as well.

For this explanation, Annie also wrote a book about their relationship, and in 2005 she also signed a deal with Dove Books to publish and advertise this book. They publish a book with the title, “Worse Than He Says He Is“. This book was also a response to Rodman’s published book, “Bad as I Wanna Be“.

Where is Annie Bakes now?

Annie currently resides in California and as per the reports, she is working for the PETA. There are also various sources who claim that Bakes is now married to a police officer however, it is yet to be confirmed. Furthermore, it was reported that she was in a relationship with a guy back in 2011, maybe that is the same guy.

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