Who is Dennis Quaid’s Daughter, Zoe Grace Quaid?

Zoe Grace Quaid

Zoe Grace Quaid is the daughter of the great actor Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Buffington (who is an entrepreneur). Dennis, as an actor, has had a very big career that spanned more than 4 decades in Hollywood. He has become a big part of several movies during his time and also different TV shows. His most notable roles came in films such as Breaking Away, Far from Heaven and more. Today we are going to be taking a look at Denis and Kimberly’s daughter Zoe Grace’s life. So, let us begin!

Problems during birth

As we said, Zoe is a twin. She was born along with her twin brother Tomas Quaid in the year 2007. Both of them were born early in the morning on this day at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica. Zoe came two minutes after her twin brother was born. She weighed around 5 pounds while Thomas’ weight was 6 pounds.

The twins were conceived by a gestational carrier and the couple knew that they were getting a twin. They were really glad to have twins.  But things did not get happier for the couple. Just after a few days of their birth, the twins actually developed an infection around their naval area and this was pretty bad. They had to be hospitalized and their blood became extremely thinner. This was because the hospital messed up their blood transfusion. This could have killed the poor babies. But now, the children are fine and living a happy life.

What happened to the Quaid Twins during their birth?

Dennis Quaid family

Everything was fine for the first three days of their birth. The parents came home all satisfied but after a while (on the 3rd day to be exact), the children developed an infection. This spread around their naval area. They were admitted to the Cedars Sinai Medical Center and this is one of the most prestigious hospitals in America. But this did not help. The twins were in the middle of their treatment when they were given blood. But the blood was extremely thinner and it was administered in large quantity. It was basically an overdose.  And this nearly caused the death of their child.

The couple though understood the hospital’s mistake and they did not want to leak the news but a source that was real close to the hospital told all the news media. The hospital was the subject of discussion for many weeks.

Life After Death

The two kids are now very happy. Zoe, particularly is leading a healthy life. She spent most of her childhood with her twin brother. They are still living in Santa Monica and both go to school there. In the year 2018, there was an interview in People Magazine when their actor father told the press about his children. He said that both of them are doing dine and they are going to school happy. He also said that he takes them to school and is very close to his children.

Relationship between the Parents

Dennis and Kimberly started dating way before 2004 but they exchanged their views on the July of that year. Their wedding was small but pleasant. They did a wedding at Dennis ranch located in Montana. Their twins were born after 3 years of marriage. The two kids were born with surrogate.

Kimberly spent the next 5 year old with Dennis quite heavily but at the start of 2012, things started taking unexpected turns and their relationship was just not working out. So, Kimberly filed for divorce from her husband in the march of the same year. But the divorce did not go through that year. In the upcoming years, both wanted to separate badly but they then found some way to get together and just stay out of divorce.

But finally in 2016, The couple finally announced that things were very bad between them and they did not want any part of it.  So, they got a legal divorce. The physical custody of the children was given to Kimberly and the joint legal custody was given to both. Later on both custody were equally shared by the parents. Today, Dennis has moved on from her past life and is actually married to Laura Savoie.

Zoe Grace Quaid’s half brother

Yes, Zoe does have an older half-brother. His name is Jack and he is very close to his twin siblings. Jack was born in 1992 to Dennis’ second wife Meg Ryan. Jack is also a very good actor and you might have seen him in the film The Hunger Games in 2012. He made is debut in this film.

Zoe’s net worth

Zoe is still a child to have a work and a net worth but we are pretty sure that she gets decent pocket money! Also, his dad is very rich to be honest. Dennis Quaid is a legend in Hollywood who has had a long and successful career. His net worth is definitely something to drop your jaw at! He is worth around $30 million.

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